Friday, May 29

What's On My SD Card?

Here is more of what we've been up to lately, Blake's soccer games are finally finished. In case you don't know who I'm talking about...Blake is our almost 5 year old grandson who does not live with us, we just love him a whole lot and talk about him tons on here. Getting ready for a kick

I love this pose, he is so ready for that ball!

Here he is playing goalie position

And he kicks the ball

He refuses to let them score!

A trophy and a medal Way To Go, another soccer season comes to a close.

Just look how proud he is, he amazes me.


Jennifer (Blake's Mom) said...

He sure was more involved this year than the past, minus a few games. His look at playing goalie was great!

MaJaTo said...

Great stuff!

My eldest son is 5 and he goes every Saturday morning to Norwich City Football Club to play in the community football for youngsters.
Unfortunately at the moment he hasn't quite got the right approach to team play yet, and stands around doing his own thing for most of the match!
In the hope of sparking his interest I might take him to watch a proper Football match next season (Norwich have just been relegated to the 3rd flight so tickets might be cheaper!!!)

Lori said...

Blake wasn't all that into it the first year when he was 3, but then he still had his days this time around that he didn't want to play, but other days he was really into it.
Thanks for stopping by again, always nice to see you.