Tuesday, May 19

Tippy Tuesday

We have a water conditioner and therefore we get to use half the amount of soap that is required. For example you know those laundry bottles that say use 1/4 cup detergent, well instead of filling the lid cup because you can easily go over load, (no pun intended),I use a 1/4 measuring cup, only in my unique case I get to get by with 1/8 cup, so what I do is fill my measuring cup part way with water THEN finish it off with laundry detergent. I never say to myself that doesn't look like enough detergent because my cup is full.


Ruthie said...

Hi Lori, Thanks for "introducing" yourself over at my blog today! I see you live in Ohio, so do I! What area? Well, enjoy the sunshine!


Lori said...

It is sure a lovely day here and the next few will be awesome also. Stop in anytime.