Friday, May 29

Just Jayde At 19 Months

This was just last Tuesday she is puddle jumping
This is my friends granddaughter (with blue Capri's) and Jayde . Her mother was Jaydes' mothers friend when she was in 4-6th grade. When Donna and I went to Nashville we each bought our girls matching T's.

Jayde eating pancakes waiting for the Memorial Day parade to start.

Well this was supposed to be all about Jayde but just like real life, it's hard to get just a picture of Jayde with out Blake in there. They're so patriotic with their flags and Jayde wearing red and white.

Awwww, here she is running to gramma! She's getting big fast. Somebody give me a brick quick, so I can keep her shrunk up. By the way, that is not an Oreo cookie, it's the camera lens cap and neither is she giving us the finger.

I just love how her top matches her hat, and she isn't too worried about taking her hat off either.

And one more of them and their matching T's we got them during our Mother's Day/Sam's birthday get away to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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