Tuesday, May 26

Tippy Tuesday

I've been on a cleaning spree around here lately and so has a friend of mine, I'm thinking if the two of us caught the cleaning bug there is probably somebody else out there who might benefit from a cleaning tip.

Now I have never tried this but I have found from a reliable source that if your blessed I mean unlucky enough to have a shower door I'm going to give you help on cleaning that grimy track:

Plug the drain holes in the door track with a little bit of paper towel wadded into a ball use a toothpick to get it into the holes if you need to. Pour in undiluted white vinegar. Let it soak for 30 minutes, unplug the holes and rinse the track with a spray bottle of water or better yet use the shower head if you have the handheld kind and run a rag down it. This will "flush out" the accumulated build-up from the track.

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