Thursday, November 19

Kid Chatter

As I was driving Blake to my house for some hang out time after school yesterday we had a chat:

B: Grandma, can I ride my car in the rain?
M: No, because I don't have a raincoat for you here.
B: I don't care, that's alright if I get my jacket wet.
M: I mind, because then you'll be cold and besides I have something else planned.
B: What is it gramma?
M: I was thinking you can help me put our CHRISTmas tree up!
B: You have it already?!! (excited)
M: Yes, it's artificial (not knowing if he knew the word artificial, I said) yano it's not real
B: You mean it's pretend?
M: (sigh)No, not pretend, you can REALLY see it, it's just called artificial:-)

Kids say the cutes things.

He sorted out the branches pretty well, but I temporary forgot I had trouble packing them ALL back in the tree box and we were short the stand screws, so we had to stop and I gave him my miniature tree to see what he could do with it. He did this all by himself.

Tuesday, November 17

Tippy Tuesday is Back!

I don't know about you but, I don't like to waste much and when my shower items get down the last bit and you know there is still some in there; (the bottle requires two hands to squeeze it out), I squeeze it onto the window sill ledge and wipe it into my hand and go from there, and if you don't have a window sill you can use the back corner of the tub ledge. Happy Tuesday everyone:-)

Sunday, November 15


So, after we went shopping, took our stuff home, unpacked, repackaged (one thing was broken before we got it out of the box) we nearly killed an hour and it was time we went to dinner with some friends we have known for many, many years, we just kinda lost contact when we moved out of state and life got spinning, but now we're back in town and we're out to dinner and having all kinds of stories to catch up on.

This is one of my first shots with my new camera, and after working it and seeing the pictures I know I'm going to like it nearly as much as my old one...Still miss that swivel screen it really kept it from scratches, and was easy to take a shot of me and a friend. {sniff, sniff}

Saturday, November 14


My beloved camera died some time ago, and after months of using Sam's big, bulky camera and I do mean bulky, I finally did some research and we went out shopping to get me (us) a new one. I can't believe the deal we got and to make it even sweeter, Staples gave us an unexpected rebate to send in for another $50.00 Staples credit.
So yippie, I have a new camera! (very similar to my old one, but sadly it doesn't come with a swivel screen) {sniff, sniff} Might I add, I do like how it's a bit smaller too. I have to get used to it soon, because we have a big event coming up (please, all you who know, don't lead on, I don't want the whole world to know, not yet anyway) so I need to get my grand kids or something I can practice with.
After instant price reduction and with the rebate, this camera only cost $79.00! I can't wait to start using it. I actually might have to keep the grand kids a bit tomorrow so I can try it out.

Friday, November 13

Handdryers and Germs, NO Thank-You

I can't take the credit for this post because I was blog hopping and came across this at:

Everyone in the cleaning industry has always been told that hand dryers in restrooms are not sanitary, they spread germs and bacteria around. I always thought that this just came from the paper companies because they are loosing sales to the hand dryers. A couple of year sago, I was working with a rep, and I noticed that after he washed his hands and noticed that there were no paper towels, only a hand dryer he left the restroom with wet hands. I asked him about it. He said that hand dryers blow a lot of germs and bacteria around. He also told me to take a look under the hand dryer next time I was in a restroom. There is a filter underneath the hand dryer that is supposed to be cleaned on weekly basis. I looked at one, and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years. It had layers and layers of caked on gunk(disgusting). Since then I will not use hand dryers in restrooms. Now this is where the story gets really interesting. The schools and universities that have had the H1N1 (swine flue) outbreak this year are being told by the health department that they have to take out all of their hand dryers and replace them with towel dispensers because the hand dryers are spreading disease. Please pass this along so everyone knows not to use hand dryers.

I heard this many years ago and I just cringe when I must use one of these dirty germy things. I'll use them in the winter or when it's cold out, but seriously, I am going to try to never use one again, YUCK, I think they need to put a MR. Yuck sticker on each one, or better yet, tear 'em out and give us paper towels.

Wednesday, November 11

The Cleaning Crew Came Yesterday...

At first Jayde said "too loud"
But then it was Blakes "turn"
I tried to show him how to make straight lines
Jayde just stood there, cute as a button.

Then it was play time, we went to the woods.
They can be so sweet walking hand in hand....
or sitting side by side:-)
or so competitive whipping sticks around.

They chose the woods shortly after the playground.

Jayde climbed up to the slide then walked back down to me.

Sunday, November 8

Bargain Shopping

This was just a quick trip to Kroger:
It only cost me $1.63
4 B.C instant potatoes w/2 pouches each
4 Del Monte diced tomatoes
2 Colgate toothpaste 6.4 oz size (we don't even use this, but it was free) Food Pantry item, indeed
2 Twix candy bars (Free)
+ I used my own burlap bag so -3¢

Happy Birthday Jayde

Our sweet granddaughter is now TWO!
Here she is eating her cake, now where nearly as messy as last year.

Mommy makes the cutest cakes, simple but very creative:-)

Jayde loves playing with her farm animals so why not a farm cake?

Here she is feeding her baby
Present time!
showing off her new skirt we got her.
awww, just what every little girl needs...a baby to love on and feed.

Did You Know...

Gene Simmons, of the shock-rock group Kiss, earned a B.A. in education and speaks 4 languages.

Bargain Shopping

As you can tell, I like to get the best deal I can on everything I buy, and I would say I achieved it very nicely, I'm going back to get another 10 items and get an immediate $5.00 off and use more coupons I've printed and cut out from the newspaper. I may even post the shopping trip photo. Before coupons and sale prices $26.16 after coupons and sales and promo $3.82 YIP, I'm good!
The other day when I was at Target I came across another weakness of mine, I love M&M's and I got three bags @ 74¢ ea.

I opened all the bags and look at all that candy!
To make eating easier, I mean to conserve on space, I opend each bag and filled this 41/2 cup bowl nearly all the way, and oh BTW, you get 16-18 pcs mostly 18 though in each FUN size bag.
They came in handy when Jayde went on the potty, REWARD time! She's getting the hang of it.

Thursday, November 5

Pumpkin Time

These are late but come on, their so adorable I just wanted to share:
Jayde 2 years old waiting for me to come outside
Looks like Blake is getting "5" from Jayde

Oh, she wants to give "gamma" 5 now, thanks, I'm good!

This kid doesn't get the fact I don't need 5! Isn't her dress the sweetest thing.

All done and inside, picture time! Why is one kid always trying to be silly?

"all right, gimme your best smile, I'm serious"

Jayde after bath and wanting her picture taken again, why say no!

This is from our church harvest party

She wouldn't wear her costume at the zoo but she did for that night.

Tuesday, November 3

Did You Know...

A crocodile weighing only 120 pounds exerts a crushing force of about 1,540 pounds between its jaws. But no matter how much a human being weighs, his jaws still exert a puny force of only 40 to 80 pounds.