Friday, July 25

Just Checking In!

Hello World! 
It's been years since I worte anything, I think of it often but I just never actually sit down to write.  I'm composing a  list to post of some things you do and don't know about me and some are quite wacky.  All I can suggest is stay tuned, more to come.

Thursday, September 1

Bargain Shopping

I've still been doing my "bargain shopping" and this is a picture of my latest purchase. Not a bad deal. These items average $1.78 EACH, which does include sales tax.

Wednesday, August 31

Did You Know????

Hair grows slowest at night. It's growth speeds up in the morning, slows down in the afternoon, and speeds back up again in the evening! Hair also grows faster in the summer than winter, due to the persperation on your head.

Monday, August 29

Trying Again

I've really missed writing my blog and I think it's good for me to jot down my thoughts, activities, and such. It's just that I've been face booking and find it so simple to just take a picture and post a comment on what I've been up to. Unfortunately with fb there is no "log" so to speak and here it's all in one place.....Please wish me luck, I do know I have a few out there who visit my blog and it's got to be boring not seeing a new post, well guess what...I'm baaaack! It's boring not getting a comment back, so once again, PLEASE leave me a comment ( you can be anonymous). But I'd also like to say I'm not doing this for the comments, I'm doing this to blog my life, however adventurous or boring it might be.

Thursday, May 19

It's Been 13 Months To The Day

I had my sinus surgery 13 months ago today and I'm really feeling quite happy about the whole process, I'm still breathing great, I'm not whistling when I breath, hooray! (once and a while I do get clogged up)but YES, I hopefully won't have to do that again, but Yes, I would if I had to.

Friday, January 7

End Of Year Clearance

I love this time of year not because of all the clearance deals on clothes and toys, certainly not because of the snow ok, I admit I like it a little bit SOME of the time, but not a lot of the time) What I love to do is go through my coupons and get rid of all the expired ones, it's so easy, I just look at the last 2 digits of the year, if it ends in 10 they're toast, outta here, gone. I go through them quite frequently anyway but the end of the year is so much fun, that's why I'm smiling. Don't you smile when your having fun, I know I do:-) I've never went as far as weighing them but I just had to get a picture. It came to 7.5 ounces! My coupon pack is so skinny now, I feel like she went on a diet.

I'm Sorda Famous

I've been following this savings blog for a while now and she asked for people to send in photos of their great shopping savings skills, and she picked me and some others. I'm Pretty excited about that. This was one of my shopping trips to CVS in December.

Tuesday, January 4

Cant Pick Just One

I took these pictures one evening when I was told "it's too dark to take pictures"
This is Jayde and Blake out for an evening stroll.sitting around the mums
Jayde "hamming it up" for the camera
Blake happy as a race car driver:-)
One more because I just can't pick one.
Good-bye my darling grandchildren,
come back real soon y'all.

Wednesday, December 29

Jayde's Turns 3

I know this is really late, but I do like things to go in order. Here is our 3 year old granddaughter, Jayde's birthday cake, her mommy made it, it's it just darling. They had her party at a park and it was a great idea because the kids were able to play while the adults visited and yet were able to keep a good eye on them. Everyone had fun, fun, fun.

Swinging and slides are so much fun:-)

Present time!
I had taken her to see Disney Princess's On Ice and she was Tinkerbell, (borrowed from a friend)now she has her own and can be Tinkerbell anytime she chooses.
another fun toy
and another
Snow White is her favorite princess
and of course princess's have a lot of jewelry.
One final look at the adorable princess and her awesome cake!
Happy birthday to our sweet granddaughter.
We love you, grandma and grandpa

Tuesday, November 2

Did You Know.....?

The thigh bone is largest by volume and the longest and strongest in the human body. It is stronger than concrete.

You're born with 300 bones, but by the time you become an adult they have fused to only 206.

Friday, September 24

My brothers ATV Accident

On Labor Day he was out with his friend ridding and his friend came up in front and cut him off, by accident. At 40 MPH. Eric was wearing full ridding gear. Amongst other things he had to have surgery:

Update on my brother (Eric) extensive spinal stenosis (narrowing of his spinal cord) Because one of his cords was messed up and slowly deteriorating over the years and his ATV accident made it worse he had surgery to prevent paralosis if a future accident occured. They went in through the side of his neck to attend to his lower vertebra's and one of his cords.

This is the report I got from my sister after his surgery yesterday (9-23-10) It was nearly a 2 hr. surgery, but it went well.

  • The bone and plate are in good
  • neck brace for 6 weeks
  • his disks were large an bulging but arenow fixed
  • they removed some bone spurs
  • went in through the side of his neck
  • no lifting, pulling or pushing for sometime(he can pour from a gallon of milk, but can't pick it up high enough to drink from it (for instance) Hey, that's how she described it to me:-)
  • and when he got out of surgery and was "coming to" he ripped out his IVs which I am told is "normal" for men. I guess they don't want to be "restrained" in their mind.
  • He gets to come home today!

Eric, I love you.

Friday, September 10


No, I have not forgotten the 3,000 men, women and children who lost their life on this horrific day. I will never forget this day as long as I live. I have not lost anyone personally, but I feel for each family who's life was changed on that day. May God bless each one of you, and may you always feel Him near your side and in your heart.

Thursday, September 9

Did You Know....

I thought I'd share a little bit of info on those pesty, nasy, blood sucking, West Nile virus bugs:
Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue twice as much as to any other color. Also, the female is the only one that bites!

My Poor, Poor Neglected Blog

I will be up and running this week, back in full swing, come follow me on my random thoughts on various topics and our grandchildren's crazy adventures.

Thursday, July 15

Results of My Nose Surgery

It's been nearly 3 months since I had my nose surgery (2 post below this one) I'm feeling incomplete (like I can't go on w/o writting at least something on the subject), so here I go... This is just before we left for surgery. I'm happy and at peace about it.

A close up of my nose BEFORE surgery.

Another angle of my nose on the way to the hospital.

No happy drugs, just plain 'ol happy before surgery.

This is the first picture taken after surgery, (2 days AFTER), I finally got out of bed and made it downstairs. I was so sleepy for the entire day after, I just stayed in bed and basically slept. Didn't read, no t.v. no computer interest, just glorious SLEEP.

A little bit of a closer shot, you can see I look a little swollen but basically I still looked the same.

My upper lip was so sore, finally I looked in the mirror because it was so tender I just figured it was because of the surgery, well it was surgery related but I had a big bruise on the INSIDE of my upper lip, no wonder it hurt so dang bad!!!!

Not the best for close up, but this is 2 days after the above picture, it was still really tender and bad.

This is 21/2 months later. I'm still sleeping through the night and breathing very good. But I'm beginning to notice some clogging of dried blood again. Yikes!

Friday, June 11

My china pattern

This china was given to my mom from a neighbor that she took dinner to every night, and spent many hours sitting and keeping Eileen company, she'd clean some for her too. Before Eileen died many years ago she TOLD mom to take that china out of her house, she wanted mom to have it and not any of her family! (and quite honestly my mom did more for Eileen than any of her family put together)
This is what we ate many holiday meals on and mom gave it to me when they downsized. I was so afraid we might get in a car accident driving it nearly 6 hrs. back to our home, I hauled it back in 2 trips. *I* didn't want anybody to help pack it but myself, and I am thrilled to report nothing was broken! We've moved it 2 additional times and *I* always pack it myself. Nothing broken and the set remains complete.
This is my 12 piece place setting, also included is a medium plate but I wasn't sure how to display it.
This is with the light on above the table.
Up close shot, I love this china pattern.

Without the light on.

Who wants to come for dinner?

Thursday, April 22

My Nose Surgery

In December I had had enough of sleepless restless nights and daily battles with blocked nasal breathing; this had been going on for a couple years or actually longer and got worse as time passed on.

I went to the ENT doctor and he said I have a deviated septum(a nasal septum is an approximately 2 X 1.5 inch wall inside the nose that divides the right side of the nasal cavity from the left side). The nasal septum is composed of cartilage in the front and bone in the back of the nose I also had a hole in my septum which resulted in less air intake and a whistling breathing sound occasionally. Can anybody say:EMBARRASSING??!!

He also told me I'd need an inferior turbinate reduction. Turbinates are tissue masses extending into the nose from the sides which warm and humidify the air we breathe,in many patients, the inferior turbinates become so unusually large that they contribute to not only nasal obstruction, but also nasal congestion and sometimes a persistent clear runny nose (as in my case) alternating nasal obstruction on the side one lays down on (right nasal obstruction when laying down on the right which than switches side when laying down on the left) obviously mine were too large therefore my only remedy was surgery.

I scheduled my surgery for January and did my own research on the internet resulting in reading too much scary stuff that I litterly chickened out just one week prior to surgery, so I cancelled it. In the meantime I was struggling with sleep and breathing and the author of one of the blogs I read, Brandi was having this same procedure done for other reasons (severe daily headaches). OK, so I secretly let her be my inspiration (thanks Brandi). She had a very painful rough recovery but I figured if she could do it with 4 kids under 6 I could make it through with just myself and my husband.

I rescheduled for Monday,April 19th.
Sam was with me right until surgery. I was in surgery for an hr. and the doc came out to tell Sam all went well and he believes it was a success. I was in recovery for an hr. after that, then they wheeled me into a room and finally I was able to see Sam and when I finished up I rated my pain a 2 out of a 10; isn't that amazing? From a chicken to a 2!!! I know this was the result of God guiding my surgeon and my family and friends praying for me, thank you everyone:-)

The bleeding was out of this world, (I thought I might need a blood transfusion) Sam quickly reassured me I was going to be fine. Let's just say I'm really happy I had a bag for all the tissues I went through on our way home. Even my mustache gauze didn't make it half way home!

We got home at 6:00 P.M. Sam got me all comfy on the loveseat, served us dinner, filled my eye ice bag to help reduce the pain and swelling then went to the pharmacy to get my meds filled. He really took great care of me and continues to even through Thursday night (when I am STILL writing this).

I have been sleeping sitting up in the spare bed(room) and only taking my Vicodine at night now(Tuesday I took 2 doses of it) My face is numb/swollen all the way up to my temples and my upper lip is very bruised on the inside but no visual bruising. I've been sucking on freeze pops trying to get my lip back to normal. I didn't lose my appetite and had no fever. I've been extremely tired, I can barely believe how much I've slept. My dad says you will sleep if your body needs it and since I have to sleep more-less sitting up, it's not the best sleep I've ever gotten so I'm sure I do need my sleep. I got a call from the nurse again today (Friday) she told me I can now lay down to sleep. Yippie!

Monday, March 29

Not Me Monday

Over at McMamma will be having people link up to what they did but making it sound like they didn't actually do it because it's so bad or just really embarrassing.

I had a great one to write about my granddaughter but as I was uploading the pictures to go with it, SOMETHING happened and I'll write about that for now, I'm just devastated!

I did not upload pictures of my granddaughter for this post and ummm, no way did I just wipe out nearly all my entire blogs pictures, nope not me, I just need some new glasses and they'll be there just like they've always been, I seen one a ways down and another one further but I really am sick about this, does anybody have any clue what I might have done? Please for the love of God, (and for the love I have of my blog) help me find my pictures. Comments of help or encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Friday, March 26

My Cleaning Tips

Over at http// you can get a million cleaning tips, these are all I can think of right now, I'll add more as they come to me.

1. Use a shower head with a handle it, it only takes 20 seconds or so to rinse off the shower walls and door/curtain after every shower. You don't get slime built up and the ledges get rinsed off daily.

2. Clean up as you go, the messes are so much easier to clean when fresh, like when your cooking.

3. Speaking about cooking...use non-stick pots and pans, but if you must use the other kind and you have a big stuck on mess, just let it soak a while, don't stress over the mess, come back to it after it "soaks off"

4. When your making potatoes, rinse the beaters in cold water a.s.a.p. (it runs right off, same with the pan).

5. Invest in some baby wipes, you can use these for simple counter or bathroom cleaning every other day until you get busy with the heavy duty cleaning.

6. Get the tunes going, and blare them as loud as you can.

7. Take advantage of the sunshine, who doesn't feel like they can do anything on a bright, bright sun shinny day!!!??? Oh, and try to get the cleaning done before it's too hot and you don't want to do anything.

What are some of your cleaning tips?

Wednesday, March 24

Shopping Trips

I had 10 50¢ coupons for these waters and Target had 'em for $1.00 each so I ended up paying $5.00 for 10. Better yet, because I purchased 10, Target was giving a $5.00 gift card. Call it what you want, but I call it... FREE!
I stopped off at Walgreens on my way to my "destination" I was there to snag some more free stuff, OK, so I had to pay tax but I still consider it free. They had these on sale for bogo and on sale price to begin with originally $3.19; SALE price: $1.99. I'm pretty clever, (if I do say so myself) I used 2 $1.00 coupons...but the scanner beeped, oh dear...The coupons exceed the price of the item, "sir can you just take 99¢ off that $1.00 coupon so It'll work?" So he did, and of course I told him to have a great day!!!

Off to my biggest bargain:
I didn't get a picture of it, but I got our new car FILLED for FREE, I'm talking like I was about to have to PUSH it, the mileage/gas indicator said I only had 23 more miles of gas left, (we planned it that way).
When we purchased the car they said to fill out the survey and they would give us a full tank of gas when we wanted it. We sure took advantage of that!! We probably saved $40 bucks or very close to that maybe more:-) I didn't go to the gas station so I don't know the actual cost. (The lot tech took it.) While he did that I looked at Ford Escapes. Just let me say that after I drove about 15 miles the needle was still above the FULL mark. So we did get a FULL tank, I'm absolutely sure of that.

On my way home (finally) I stopped at another Walgreens, they had bacon 2/$6.00 and I had a $1.50 off 1 and because my printer messed up I was unable to print it again but I made good use of the other one in the Sunday coupons for JUST 75¢ off one. That's better than none (I say). So I paid $1.37 for EACH bacon, and it's Oscar Mayer, you can't beat that. When I paid, a $1.00 catalina printed out. I also noticed these Gortons Grilled Fillets which Sam and I like, they were on clearance to 75¢ EACH so I used the only coupon I had, it was for 40¢ off ANY Gortons, so I paid 35¢ for one of the 3 boxes! Then I noticed this Bertolli lasagna meal, BINGO, it was clearanced down to $2.19, I rummaged thru my coupons and found a $1.00 off one so I paid $1.19 for that bag.

That was too much fun, I wanted more, I stopped at another Walgreens to hunt for clearance items, I had to hurry I had frozen food in the trunk, I was able to snag the last Bertolli from them and use my $1.00 cat. from the previous store. YEAH ME!!!

Go visit and you'll get a million bargain/savings deal in a year, check often through out the day. And one more thing, when you see a post with an awesome deal, print the coupon RIGHT away, sometimes they reach their print pretty fast.