Wednesday, March 24

Shopping Trips

I had 10 50¢ coupons for these waters and Target had 'em for $1.00 each so I ended up paying $5.00 for 10. Better yet, because I purchased 10, Target was giving a $5.00 gift card. Call it what you want, but I call it... FREE!
I stopped off at Walgreens on my way to my "destination" I was there to snag some more free stuff, OK, so I had to pay tax but I still consider it free. They had these on sale for bogo and on sale price to begin with originally $3.19; SALE price: $1.99. I'm pretty clever, (if I do say so myself) I used 2 $1.00 coupons...but the scanner beeped, oh dear...The coupons exceed the price of the item, "sir can you just take 99¢ off that $1.00 coupon so It'll work?" So he did, and of course I told him to have a great day!!!

Off to my biggest bargain:
I didn't get a picture of it, but I got our new car FILLED for FREE, I'm talking like I was about to have to PUSH it, the mileage/gas indicator said I only had 23 more miles of gas left, (we planned it that way).
When we purchased the car they said to fill out the survey and they would give us a full tank of gas when we wanted it. We sure took advantage of that!! We probably saved $40 bucks or very close to that maybe more:-) I didn't go to the gas station so I don't know the actual cost. (The lot tech took it.) While he did that I looked at Ford Escapes. Just let me say that after I drove about 15 miles the needle was still above the FULL mark. So we did get a FULL tank, I'm absolutely sure of that.

On my way home (finally) I stopped at another Walgreens, they had bacon 2/$6.00 and I had a $1.50 off 1 and because my printer messed up I was unable to print it again but I made good use of the other one in the Sunday coupons for JUST 75¢ off one. That's better than none (I say). So I paid $1.37 for EACH bacon, and it's Oscar Mayer, you can't beat that. When I paid, a $1.00 catalina printed out. I also noticed these Gortons Grilled Fillets which Sam and I like, they were on clearance to 75¢ EACH so I used the only coupon I had, it was for 40¢ off ANY Gortons, so I paid 35¢ for one of the 3 boxes! Then I noticed this Bertolli lasagna meal, BINGO, it was clearanced down to $2.19, I rummaged thru my coupons and found a $1.00 off one so I paid $1.19 for that bag.

That was too much fun, I wanted more, I stopped at another Walgreens to hunt for clearance items, I had to hurry I had frozen food in the trunk, I was able to snag the last Bertolli from them and use my $1.00 cat. from the previous store. YEAH ME!!!

Go visit and you'll get a million bargain/savings deal in a year, check often through out the day. And one more thing, when you see a post with an awesome deal, print the coupon RIGHT away, sometimes they reach their print pretty fast.

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