Monday, March 29

Not Me Monday

Over at McMamma will be having people link up to what they did but making it sound like they didn't actually do it because it's so bad or just really embarrassing.

I had a great one to write about my granddaughter but as I was uploading the pictures to go with it, SOMETHING happened and I'll write about that for now, I'm just devastated!

I did not upload pictures of my granddaughter for this post and ummm, no way did I just wipe out nearly all my entire blogs pictures, nope not me, I just need some new glasses and they'll be there just like they've always been, I seen one a ways down and another one further but I really am sick about this, does anybody have any clue what I might have done? Please for the love of God, (and for the love I have of my blog) help me find my pictures. Comments of help or encouragement are greatly appreciated.

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Kate @ ramblingsfromutopia said...

If they were on your desktop first check the trash bucket on the computer I retrieve stuff from their all the time or search your hard drive by the named photo, good luck.