Monday, March 15

My Trip To Matthew 25 Ministries

This is from my previous postAbove is the sign, it speaks for itself.
These are just some of the nations flags, I couldn't get them all in my picture.

Here I am sorting out donated clothes, I'm checking for stains, and rips/tears, if they have any they go into another bin, maybe for rags, I'm not really sure.

A cute crib, a perfect way to recycle pallets.

A sea of shoes. Sometimes they're not tagged as a set, people sort for the missing one and then they tag them together and put them in their own separate clear bag with the shoe size written on the bag.
I hope you enjoyed my trip I was so happy to go and make good use of my time. Get a hold of me if you'd like to go with me sometime.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for volunteering at M25M! We couldn't do what we do without people like you who give of your time to make things happen! Have a blessed day!
~ an M25M Team Member

Lori said...

Your very welcome. I enjoyed it a great deal.