Thursday, July 15

Results of My Nose Surgery

It's been nearly 3 months since I had my nose surgery (2 post below this one) I'm feeling incomplete (like I can't go on w/o writting at least something on the subject), so here I go... This is just before we left for surgery. I'm happy and at peace about it.

A close up of my nose BEFORE surgery.

Another angle of my nose on the way to the hospital.

No happy drugs, just plain 'ol happy before surgery.

This is the first picture taken after surgery, (2 days AFTER), I finally got out of bed and made it downstairs. I was so sleepy for the entire day after, I just stayed in bed and basically slept. Didn't read, no t.v. no computer interest, just glorious SLEEP.

A little bit of a closer shot, you can see I look a little swollen but basically I still looked the same.

My upper lip was so sore, finally I looked in the mirror because it was so tender I just figured it was because of the surgery, well it was surgery related but I had a big bruise on the INSIDE of my upper lip, no wonder it hurt so dang bad!!!!

Not the best for close up, but this is 2 days after the above picture, it was still really tender and bad.

This is 21/2 months later. I'm still sleeping through the night and breathing very good. But I'm beginning to notice some clogging of dried blood again. Yikes!