Tuesday, October 28

MIAMI Florida

I thought I'd share some more of our favorite pictures from Miami and Marco Island. Like I said earlier, we went to Miami for Sam's work and then we went onto Marco Island for the rest of the week and then back to Miami for an over night stay to catch the airplane early in the morning to come home. This was a much needed and appreciated vacation.

These salamanders were all over outside.

I want the boat in the middle with the
cabin cruiser.

This is the pool at the Hilton where we stayed.

Sam took this shot of me in
swimming mode.

Friday, October 24

Bargain shopping!!!!

My pal, Savingsherry@blogger.com just tagged me. If your into saving money and who isn't I'm talking lot's of it, just visit her site, she tells you practically exactly how to do it! Of course coupons are nearly mandatory. But you can still save by getting the CVS and Walgreens sales and end up getting Register Rewards=walgreens or Cash Back=CVS you do however need a CVS card/ you can get it for free right at the store. Then you use these rewards to purchase the next stuff. Walgreens however does not require anything special.

This is from a recent shopping trip:

Thursday, October 16

Miami Trip

Once again, I was fortunate to travel along with my dear husband to Miami for a business trip. We stayed at an awsome resort/spa (not on his dime this time), called Doral golf resort/spa. It's actually where the "Blue Monster" golf course is, also known as the home to the PGA. I am not a golfer of any sort so whoopie do. But I did take a looooong walk around the many golf courses and being surrounded by green lush lawn, beautiful palm trees, and coconut trees was thrilling enough for me. I was also a pool lounger and even got in a cat nap there. All this was enough to keep me occupied till the greet, meet and eat with all the other "techies".
All these pictures were taken with my camera phone. I've noticed these can not be enlarged by clicking on them.

A tangled up mess of tree roots.

My ultimate hang out. I swam, and slept here.

Wednesday, October 8

Off to Mishawaka, Indiana

This is some grill'in on the RANGE!

We also "roasted" marshmallows.

I was fortunate to run off to my sister and brother-in-law's house for 5 days. We had a blast. As you will see in the pictures we did some very unusual grilling, we played lots of backgammon, Aggravation, dominoes, battleship, (thanks Cori for the tip) and some other card game where we matched up colored tiled squares called Connecto.

We went to a sauerkraut dinner, several parks, one was a Japanese garden, went mushroom hunting (picture to follow), helped set up for a gigantic "rummage sale" where I found Blake and Jayde some clothes at a church she does sewing at on Tuesdays (picture to follow), went to the zoo, and went to CiCi pizza, "Welcome to CiCi's!" I love that place and Sam does not so my favorite brother-in-law took me there. (Sorry Tom, if you are my b.i.l., not sure what you are) haha.

Anyway, these are not listed in the order we went there and I am thinking I forgot a few places but that's OK. I had a great time sleeping in and having weird dreams, that's what too much sleep med does to me. I'm stuck on 1/4 tablet of my sleep pill but I took 3/4 since I had no reason to wake up early.

After a mushroom seminar at a local
park we found this cauliflower
mushroom. We had it checked out by the
instructor and he assured us it was edible.
I cut it up and Sharyn coated it in flour
and sauteed it in butter. We sure enjoyed it!

My silly brother-in-law served us cookies and
milk. He was keeping our clothes clean with
towels. Does he actually think we would waste
a single crumb? I thought he knew us better
than that.

Not the best shot of an anteater, but I never
saw one at a zoo or anywhere but t.v. The
photo below has info on them.

One day my sister came upon this castle
so she wanted to show me too.

My panda clothes

I had to include this final picture of me. Check out my socks!

T I double Gaa R's!!!!

These shots were taken by Sam at the Memphis zoo. They're remarkable in color, quality and pose. The second to bottom tiger has a fish in his mouth. Click on it and you will see.