Wednesday, August 31

Did You Know????

Hair grows slowest at night. It's growth speeds up in the morning, slows down in the afternoon, and speeds back up again in the evening! Hair also grows faster in the summer than winter, due to the persperation on your head.

Monday, August 29

Trying Again

I've really missed writing my blog and I think it's good for me to jot down my thoughts, activities, and such. It's just that I've been face booking and find it so simple to just take a picture and post a comment on what I've been up to. Unfortunately with fb there is no "log" so to speak and here it's all in one place.....Please wish me luck, I do know I have a few out there who visit my blog and it's got to be boring not seeing a new post, well guess what...I'm baaaack! It's boring not getting a comment back, so once again, PLEASE leave me a comment ( you can be anonymous). But I'd also like to say I'm not doing this for the comments, I'm doing this to blog my life, however adventurous or boring it might be.