Friday, November 14


Happy Birthday to our special little grand daughter, Jayde who turned 1 October 28. Here she is:

Tuesday, November 11


This is from my CVS stop. Read the sign, it cost me $1.00 for all this. Yes, this is true! Before you start "no waying" me, let me say something. I did not hand the cashier $1.00. No, I handed him a lot of coupons well, actually only 6. READ ON:

When I asked the manager for the Loreal product they had for $11.99 and giving you $11.99 Extra Care Bucks back, he regrettable informed me they were totally OUT. This is the best part... so the manager said he would give me something else for free, and HE chose something valued at 16.99. I asked if I could take this instead, (same price, $16.99) and he happily said yes, get what you want. He rang me up and took off the $16.99 as a "coupon". So with my ECB I got BACK and the overage on some items and the other coupons, I made out better than a bandit.

You can do this too, Andrea at Mommy and Sherry atSaving Sherry will gladly tell you EXACTLY how to do this. More stuff for the pantry at church. The candy will be added to some Christmas gifts, If it wasn't for the $4.00 candy it ALL would have been free.

My husband came home from work and asked me what I bought that I didn't need today. I told him it only cost me a buck for all this. He was amazed. I don't think he was too concerned about the buck being gone anymore. LOL

P.S. I didn't even have to ask the manager for a substitute, he offered. I accepted.

Shopping bargains

I bought all this yesterday at Walgreen's. I used coupons, and sale prices combined. My favorite deal in this picture was that both coffee mates were just 25cents EACH. I really wish you would check out Saving Sherry she tells you exactly how to do this!
I am getting no payback from her for informing you all. I am getting enjoyment and having fun watching the cashier say "ha?" (when they tell me my total).
For those that don't want to click on the picture, I paid $14.76 but w/o coupons and sales it would have cost $24.49. I am starting a stock pile for the pantry our church has.

Lilah, the REDnosed DOG?

A lot late, but I wanted to show you all what kinda condition we found Lilah in when we arrived home from Miami. Apparently, she had been trying unsuccessfully to pry her cage door open at night. She is used to her cage, she sleeps in there every night for the last almost 5 years but guess she really wanted out badly, and failed. Poor Girl!

Saturday, November 1


It was busy evening here on Friday. I first made a big crock pot of vegetable beef stew and Jennifer and the kids had dinner with me before Trick-Or-Treat. Then we went over to help the kids I watch get ready, we were both busy painting their faces green and spraying hair black of course I had to first hot roll it and put make-up on Cori, after all witches need BLACK hair and defined eyes and lips! We all had a great time doing it. Then I drove Jennifers car back to my house because she always ends at my house. Here is a picture. L-R we have Blake: Superman, Joel: Anakin Skywalker, Cori: Elephaba from Wicked, Jayde: the little puppy dog and last but not least is Seth: Master Yoda