Saturday, October 31

Barn N Bunk

Jayde enjoyed the scooters, she was really able to work them.
Blake had a nice ride too.

We went to the pumpkin patch to mee up with our daughter and son-in-law and his friend and his son, these are some of the fun things the kids did. Looks like Blake is just a bit over 31/2 feet this year!

Jayde measures in at 21/2 feet!

Blake and daddy sling shot apples, it was fun:-)

We all went thru the cornstalk maze, I see Jayde and mommy made it out!

Here is pumpkin head Jayde

And Big brother, Blake

They had a dark hay bail maze and a slide at the end!
Blake on the slide and Ethan is next.

Mommy and Jayde came out next.

Blake liked the peddle tractor.

Blake, Jayde and Ethan ready for a ride.

Blake making sure Jayde is well taken care of, isn't that
just the sweetest thing with his arm around her?

I hope you enjoyed our trip to the pumpkin patch, it was so much fun!!!

Wednesday, October 7

Bargain Shopping

I went to Biggs the other day and look at the stuff I got for just $44.10. I saved 64% because my beginning total was $122.57. I could barely believe it, I knew I was good but wow!

Monday, October 5

Did You Know...

Never squash a wasp that has stung you. Upon being crushed, it will release a chemical that becomes airborne; this signals guard wasps to come and sting whatever gets in their way.

Go Get Some Cheap Cheap Paper

Staples: $1 HammerMill Paper

Staples has a hot deal on paper beginning Sunday, October 4th. Here's the scoop:
HammerMill CopyPlus paper (500 sheet ream) - $5.79
- $1.80 Instant Savings
- $2.99 Easy Rebate
- Final price - $1.00
There is a limit of 2 per household. In addition, there is a printable coupon here for 10% off any one item, valid 10/4/09 through 10/11/09. You can see the entire Staples ad for next week here

Thursday, October 1

My poor poor neglected blog

Sorry, but I've become victim of face book. I'll be posting with in the week, I truly promise.