Tuesday, July 28

Tippy Tuesday

Now don't laugh at me! This is how I protect my eyes from grease splatters when I am cooking. They're old and don't give a good view but they work just fine for what I need 'em for.

Monday, July 27

T-Shirt Dying Day

Today, I went to pick up Seth, I call him my nephew, and we headed over to church to tie-dye T-shirts (or so I thought we were going to) This is how it went: The shirts were already tied and dyed, you see the bags, each one had a shirt and 2 rubber bands, I was the unwrapper, unbander.
They went into each sink to get rinsed, each one leaving less dye behind.

Here is Sherry and Seth.

I am showing you what Seth's job was, I had to try the wringer for myself just once.

Then we went to my house to get the newspapers they need for VBS and Seth wanted to ride Blake's car. This car is so much fun for the kids, my friend Lisa (Seth's neighbor) gave it to me a few years ago, before Blake could even work it. Seth thinks he has spent more time in it than Blake but I doubt that. Blake drives this every trip to my house, rain, snow, 40 degrees or sunshine, he is on it! This is a couple years ago VBS shirt he is wearing.

Saturday, July 25

Did You Know...?

Anacondas live near rivers, lakes and swamps.
Snakes do not have eyelids, so even when they’re asleep they cannot close their eyes. But they do have a protective layer of clear scales, called brille, over their eyes.
Anacondas give birth to live young, around 24-35 at a time.

This is not an Anaconda, but it's close enough (for me), this is my neighbor a.k.a. "the new snake hunter" and he "rescued" it from a car about to flatten it. I said don't do me any favors like that again. He said it was coming out of my woods into the street. My house is the one in the picture, see our woods! Now I am even looking closer when I water the tomatoes and flowers!

Wednesday, July 22

Crazy Grandma

I've had Blake for the last going on 3 weeks every morning and to mix things up this is what we did yesterday morning.

Monkey see....
Monkey do:-)
Then we had hot chocolate after "cutting down a tree" as Blake called it. But in reality I just trimed up some branches that were hanging out over the road.
Oh, and today he asked if we could do that again with the "shaving cream"! I told him we don't eat shaving cream, it's called cool whip and to NEVER eat shaving cream.

Tuesday, July 21

Tippy Tuesday

Sorry for the late tip but my internet connection had been down all day, I could't fix it so I had to wait for Sam to get home and work his magic.

Last week I suggested you get some copy paper cause you were going to need it. Now I am telling you where I go to find printable coupons at WWW.mommysnacks.net you just pick a store that you like to shop and she has a lot of sale items and coupons to match up. I do this and never have any trouble. Another site I frequent it www.savingsherry.blogspot.com same thing going on over there, and she has plenty of other sites listed on the left side for other sales.

Thanks for being patient with me while I had to wait all day to post.

Friday, July 17

Kids Birthdays & Parties

Over at KellysKorner http://www.kellyskornerblog.com a kids birthday party carnival is happening and you can see what others have done for parties. Start here and when your done reading go to the link and party on!

This was our grandson's 1st birthday and our daughter. He was into making a mess!

3rd year cake, simple but great for a 3 year old who just loves cars!

Here is Blake with his 4th birthday cake and his mommy, (our daughter)

A close up and he was big time into Disney's Car theme that year. He was also extremely tired and fell asleep during his party, kinda funny.

This year's cake and party was one week ago tomorrow. His actually birthday was Monday.

This lil guy is so 100% boy, his uncle bought him a little 4 wheeler a few months ago, (he had had a Power Wheel 4 wheeler since before he was 2) his dad has one too and Blake knows how to load it up when daddy goes off with the "big boys". Now Blake's big plan is tag along. Man does he get upset when he can't go, so to make it up to him his dad takes him the next day.

Blake, his dad, (our son-in-law) and a supper cute messy grin:-) "It's my party and I'll act silly if I want to."
This was his second real party with friends and games. They painted a picture frame for their photo shoot. They also played with water balloons (The first one was when he was 3 and it was a build a bear type party at his preschool for his classmates. He still has his duck he made.)

Jennifer has a friend who can draw, so she offered to draw a 4 wheeler, Blakes favorite color is orange and all the kids stood on a cooler behind the board and put on his helmet for a photo shoot! It was a great party.

For all you that have girls, this is what she did for her daughters first birthday party. I can't wait till October to see what idea she comes up with.

If you have any questions on how she did the cakes leave me a comment or even if you just liked them, I love me some comments.


Scroll on down to July 10 and get your FREE CHOCOLATE, it is after all another FRIDAY. The details are there.

Wednesday, July 15

Tippy Tuesday (Wednesday)

I went to Staples and got 2 reams of copy paper for just 1¢ (after the $3.68 rebate), I suggest you all run and get your limit of 2 because at this price it's worth stocking up on even it you don't need it for a while. Another reason you will want it is for next weeks tip because it involves printing your own LEGAL coupons. And I think your going to like that:-) If I still haven't convinced you to get your paper, it's also great for kids to draw on for 1¢ you gotta get it.

Friday, July 10

Our Baby Thru the Years

I fought and fought with the original post (dated July 6) but ALL my pictures were not going to co-operate and I was going to do this post no matter what, so finally after days of fighting I decided the only way to do it right was to make a whole new post, grrrrrr.

Jennifer was born on July 6, 1981 at 4:37 A.M. She was just precious and perfect, including 10 little adorable fingers and 10 sweet little toes. I think she looked like a little Indian girl with her dark complexion. She weighed 6#15oz. and was 21" long.

TOP:11 months, 18 months (with us), 2 years, 7 months,BOTTOM: 3 1/2 years, 5 yrs, (kindergarten), 1st grade

TOP: 7th bday, 9 yrs.(first day of 4th grade), 4th grade school picture, BOTTOM: 5th grade(First perm) 11 years (with us) TOP: 14 years (going to her chorus concert, 9th grade), 15 years, July'96(10th grade), Nov.'96 (in her homecoming dress) and after getting contacts!, First day of being a senior(on way out the door) BOTTOM: 17 years and me, (mom) This was summer of '99
Awww....this is when she starts a new chapter. 20 years, (her engagement to Jim), ALMOST 21 (wedding day), then she went punk on me, and got a short, spiky haircut the same year. She gave me her pony tail and I cried. But fortunately she didn't go all wild and just settled for the punk haircut.
TOP: 22 years she was about 4 months pregnant with Blake. BOTTOM: 26 years, and I think this is the day she went into labor, but I might be wrong.

Not the best shot to show her off but it is the MOST recent, 1 week shy of 28 years. she is holding her little girl, Jayde and Blake is in the background playing with water.
I hope you've enjoyed watching our little princess grow up, I sure enjoyed every minute of it, except when she told me she didn't like me anymore when she was about 5 years old. I think she changed her mind and I'm glad she did!


Go here to get a coupon for a FREE Mars brand candy bar! The first 250,00 people to sign up after 9 am EST will get a coupon for a FREE candy bar in the mail! They are doing this special every Friday through September! SWEET! I believe you can get 1 coupon per Friday, and up to 4 coupons per household between now and September.

Tuesday, July 7

Tippy Tuesday

Today's tip comes from my sister: She wants everyone to know since it is summer time, and we're using our watering cans and running our dehumidifier, to help prevent AND clean out the sludge that can and sometimes does accumulate in there, she puts some large pebbles in a nylon net; you can use a panty hose, kids tights, nylon sock or even those body scrubbers for the netting and tie it shut, stick this in your watering can or your dehumidifier jug and jiggle it around, just keep in in there, no need to remove it. It really works, I've done it with my dehumidifier and she is doing it with her watering can. Happy Tuesday Everyone.

P.S. If you have a tip you'd like to share please post it under comments or if you know how to get a hold of me I'll take it from there.

Monday, July 6

A Very Happy Birthday To Our Daughter

Today marks our baby girls birthday, she is 28 now and so full of energy, and fun to be around. I have had a very, very busy day and am so wiped out. But for now I will let you enjoy these pictures:-)
This is her hospital picture, I thought she looked like a little Indian girl with her color, She was just precious, and perfect; including 10 fingers and 10 toes, weighing in at 6#15oz. and was 21" long.

left to right: 11months, 18 months(with us), 2 years, 7 months, 31/2 years, 5 years (kindergarden), and 1st grade.
To see more, go to the July 10th posting. I got tired of fighting with my picture settings and started all new:-(

Sunday, July 5

Super Double Coupons at Kmart

Because Kmart is setting a limit of just 10 coupons I asked my husband to go along with me and he willingly came along:-) Shopping is not his idea of "FUN", I think he was amazed at how well I did. The 2 packs of diapers ended up costing a total of $12.00 and the 2 pkgs. of Purex added another $4.00 of course that is after coupons, the spaghetti sauce added another total of $4.00 ($1.00 each). That is $20.00 right there and there was at least $2.?? in tax, so really not a bad shopping trip, another one I'm proud of.

Just like that, I started to spend I mean waste the profits on ONE loaf of bread for Sam's lunch tomorrow costing $2.89! It has to be cheaper than eating out, but it hurts when that happens. Never buy bread at the gas station because your definitely paying convience charges!

Thursday, July 2

Bargain Shopping

I went to Meijer the other day and you see what I got and how much I paid! Click on the picture. Of course I used a ton of coupons and sale prices.

I didn't take a picture of the 2-24packs of Aquafina water and the FREE rotisserie chicken that I paid just $7.00 which I actually didn't pay for (read on) I had separate orders because I had another $15.00 coupon(I used it on my big order above) I got it from my daughter because I transferred my RX there. I used a $10.00 coupon on THIS order. They don't allow you to use 2 on one order so I also added some chips to the order because if they're taking $10.00 off you want to be over or at the $10.00 mark. Hope this makes sense.
Michelle, I am sorry for chopping everyone but the girls heads off in the picture.

Wednesday, July 1

Weekend Trip

Last weekend we went to visit several old friends. We started out meeting Rick and Rose so I could get one of my favorite dinners (which by the way, I can not find here in town). Look how pretty it is, its called Shrimp Tempura Almondine: Large shrimp encrusted in almonds, I'm telling you, you can not even shake them off,but why would you! It was just as wonderful as I remember.

Next, we checked into our hotel and took a walk around town and on the pedestrian bridge near the train station, along the way there was a christian group handing out cold bottles of water, it was greatly appreciated because it was HOT, they were playing and singing beautiful christian songs. Kinda funny one of the "groupies" had the same exact camera we had! I don't recall the town they were from, but it wasn't Lafayette, or West Lafayette, so I just immediately forgot the name, (it didn't mean anything to me).

We took some pretty pictures of the water fountain and then some of the dogs they had painted and decorated, one year it was pigs, and then frogs now dogs, silly, I know.
Not sure why this came out blue but it did.
The next day we went to our old church but actually it was a new church, they built a new one and gave it a new name. It was so fun to see everyone, I almost started to cry at times, I miss them all. If you live in the area of Lafayette go check them out they're called Heartland Community Church! We had a lovely fellowship snack time and then they started their classes. We couldn't stay because we had to go change our clothes and check out of our hotel. We went to the cemetery to visit a friend of mine. Then we went to visit our friends Michelle, Sean and family that live across the street from where we did. I got to hold nearly 1 month Evan and he is such a sweetheart. It was a really nice visit with them and to see their other children getting so big. We had a great weekend:-)