Wednesday, July 1

Weekend Trip

Last weekend we went to visit several old friends. We started out meeting Rick and Rose so I could get one of my favorite dinners (which by the way, I can not find here in town). Look how pretty it is, its called Shrimp Tempura Almondine: Large shrimp encrusted in almonds, I'm telling you, you can not even shake them off,but why would you! It was just as wonderful as I remember.

Next, we checked into our hotel and took a walk around town and on the pedestrian bridge near the train station, along the way there was a christian group handing out cold bottles of water, it was greatly appreciated because it was HOT, they were playing and singing beautiful christian songs. Kinda funny one of the "groupies" had the same exact camera we had! I don't recall the town they were from, but it wasn't Lafayette, or West Lafayette, so I just immediately forgot the name, (it didn't mean anything to me).

We took some pretty pictures of the water fountain and then some of the dogs they had painted and decorated, one year it was pigs, and then frogs now dogs, silly, I know.
Not sure why this came out blue but it did.
The next day we went to our old church but actually it was a new church, they built a new one and gave it a new name. It was so fun to see everyone, I almost started to cry at times, I miss them all. If you live in the area of Lafayette go check them out they're called Heartland Community Church! We had a lovely fellowship snack time and then they started their classes. We couldn't stay because we had to go change our clothes and check out of our hotel. We went to the cemetery to visit a friend of mine. Then we went to visit our friends Michelle, Sean and family that live across the street from where we did. I got to hold nearly 1 month Evan and he is such a sweetheart. It was a really nice visit with them and to see their other children getting so big. We had a great weekend:-)

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2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

You look great, seriously i would never guess that you were a grandma, you look sooo young. Not that grandmas cant be young but just sayin, you look wonderful.

And that shrimp looks so yummy!