Wednesday, July 15

Tippy Tuesday (Wednesday)

I went to Staples and got 2 reams of copy paper for just 1¢ (after the $3.68 rebate), I suggest you all run and get your limit of 2 because at this price it's worth stocking up on even it you don't need it for a while. Another reason you will want it is for next weeks tip because it involves printing your own LEGAL coupons. And I think your going to like that:-) If I still haven't convinced you to get your paper, it's also great for kids to draw on for 1¢ you gotta get it.


MaJaTo said...

Sounds like a bargain. I bet the UK Staples don't have it at this price!

Lori said...

Hey Mark:-)
I don't know, you could check in the ad, it goes till the end of the week:-)