Monday, July 27

T-Shirt Dying Day

Today, I went to pick up Seth, I call him my nephew, and we headed over to church to tie-dye T-shirts (or so I thought we were going to) This is how it went: The shirts were already tied and dyed, you see the bags, each one had a shirt and 2 rubber bands, I was the unwrapper, unbander.
They went into each sink to get rinsed, each one leaving less dye behind.

Here is Sherry and Seth.

I am showing you what Seth's job was, I had to try the wringer for myself just once.

Then we went to my house to get the newspapers they need for VBS and Seth wanted to ride Blake's car. This car is so much fun for the kids, my friend Lisa (Seth's neighbor) gave it to me a few years ago, before Blake could even work it. Seth thinks he has spent more time in it than Blake but I doubt that. Blake drives this every trip to my house, rain, snow, 40 degrees or sunshine, he is on it! This is a couple years ago VBS shirt he is wearing.


Jennifer said...

Blake is not too happy about Seth in "his" car. I told him he needs to share the fun with others.

Lori said...

Seth had fun in it. That's right, he has to share. That mad look he gave Seth was out of this world!