Sunday, July 5

Super Double Coupons at Kmart

Because Kmart is setting a limit of just 10 coupons I asked my husband to go along with me and he willingly came along:-) Shopping is not his idea of "FUN", I think he was amazed at how well I did. The 2 packs of diapers ended up costing a total of $12.00 and the 2 pkgs. of Purex added another $4.00 of course that is after coupons, the spaghetti sauce added another total of $4.00 ($1.00 each). That is $20.00 right there and there was at least $2.?? in tax, so really not a bad shopping trip, another one I'm proud of.

Just like that, I started to spend I mean waste the profits on ONE loaf of bread for Sam's lunch tomorrow costing $2.89! It has to be cheaper than eating out, but it hurts when that happens. Never buy bread at the gas station because your definitely paying convience charges!


Anonymous said...

That is insane how much the gas stations charge!

Jana said...

You have a good shopping sense.!! It looks like that Kmart will be doing this at least once-a-month.

Lori said...

Thanks Jana for the comment, I try my best at saving some bucks most anyway I can.