Thursday, July 2

Bargain Shopping

I went to Meijer the other day and you see what I got and how much I paid! Click on the picture. Of course I used a ton of coupons and sale prices.

I didn't take a picture of the 2-24packs of Aquafina water and the FREE rotisserie chicken that I paid just $7.00 which I actually didn't pay for (read on) I had separate orders because I had another $15.00 coupon(I used it on my big order above) I got it from my daughter because I transferred my RX there. I used a $10.00 coupon on THIS order. They don't allow you to use 2 on one order so I also added some chips to the order because if they're taking $10.00 off you want to be over or at the $10.00 mark. Hope this makes sense.
Michelle, I am sorry for chopping everyone but the girls heads off in the picture.

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