Sunday, January 31

Kid Chatter

"I'm going to text myself" Her mother says she doesn't say "I'm going to text so and so" and I don't have a clue how to text but this child said it and when I repeated it she said "a ha!" I think she's a little too young for texting.

Haiti Help

Our church is collecting items for a drop off location that will forward collected items onto Haiti, Matthew25 Ministries ( I have been shopping and collected and dropped off a bunch over at the church. Since I am such a great bargain shopper, I enjoyed donating some items I got for cheap or free. Some stuff here has been bought with donations of cash from our church family but mostly I've been able to make this pile larger by hunting out of my "stock piles"
When we go to a hotel we scoop up all our freebies (I'm sure you do it too, so don't laugh at me)
20 rolls of t.p.
5 pkgs of wipes,7 if you count the Wet Ones I got for 12¢ each
2 btls of bbq sauce
4 tubes of toothpaste
1 shampoo
2 pkgs of diapers, I already dropped 3 off at church the other week.
rice, personal things, 48 bottles of water, cereal, crackers
4 pkgs. of Kleenex
2 pkgs of cotton balls
2 cans of chicken gravy.
I can't wait till Tuesday when Becky and I load up ALL the stuff at church and deliver it, it's going to be an awesome feeling. I'll try to remember the camera on that day to show you.


The other day I was at the mall and stopped in one of my favorite stores, The Children's Place. I couldn't believe I was able to snatch so many good finds. The fleece top/jacket for Jayde was just $2.99 both pj's were $2.99 each, (one has snowmen and I just know Jayde will enjoy them, not sure if they are boys but she won't mind) but my favorite finds (and ONE of my weaknesses) mittens, gloves, and hats were just 99¢ EACH. I ended up with the lion set for a friend who just had a baby he'll be warm next year (I think ahead) and I'm sure the striped mittens will go with whatever color coat Jayde has next winter. The gloves are for the following winter, maybe even the one after that, we'll see how long we can get them on her. Kids need lots of mittens when they play in the snow and a pair at grandmas house too. I would NEVER pay FULL price but w/o sale it comes to $71.50 and I PAID $14.82 and that includes tax, yeah ME.

Monday, January 25

Not Me Monday

When we moved into our home a few years back certainly we didn't have new carpet installed, we enjoy ratty, old, dog urine stained and smelly carpet, yip, so I don't mind one bit trying to potty train my 2 year old granddaughter. So then why are we playing on a blanket on top of a shower curtain? I must not want our 3 year new, recently steam cleaned carpet destroyed just yet:-)
If you have any tips on keeping the carpet and furniture free of urine during times like this, (besides the obvious of keeping this precious child out of my house) I'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy your Monday, I sure am.


Here are all my envelopes and I'm ready to walk out the door. My fantastic savings trip to Meijer, (I made a caption at the bottom of the picture)

I had a successful trip to Walgreens, YIP I only paid 9¢ for EACH candle; and I'll be getting $5.00 back in a rebate too!

This is from 3 different stores it wasn't much alone so I put them all together. The dishwasher tabs came out to just 6¢ a load so I got 5 boxes. Both canisters of wipes ended up costing me ONLY 25¢/ 12.5 cents each waaaa hoooo! Oh and the tide was FREE . Lean Cuisine was 79¢ and the shrimp was just 69¢.

Tuesday, January 19

What We've Been Up To

Skating Party! A precious picture of Jayde and her baby blues
Here, they are "putting their left hip in, and shaking it all about"

Owen, Jennifer and Blake

daddy and Jayde

Jayde on wheels, not quite zoom, zooming...yet

We took Blake to the Home Depot to buildSam is so brave to hold it while Blake hammers in the nail
Sticker time, and now we have a....

pro at making calendars, pretty good, young man!

Here he is with his certificate and apron.


I kept Jayde overnight a couple weeks ago because they were calling for snow and I wanted to play with her and didn't want to drive to get her either. Our Little Bengal....

and SNOW we GOT!!! I got a work out getting her dressed and she got a work out shoveling!

Then Cori was out for a walk and here they are, they just love each other so much:-)
Jennifer, Jayde's mom, used to babysit Cori and now Cori babysits Jayde, it's the circle of babysitters:-) Hmmmm, will Jayde babysit Cori's children one day?

and after her I mean our work was done, we...

took a little sled ride:-)

Monday, January 11

Not Me Monday

Over at McMamma is hosting a Not Me Monday when you write what you did but make it sound like you'd never do that, so after reading and posting a comment go read some others or write your own and link up to hers, it's fun:-)

So I would never be so far behind on my blogging that I would even think about posting Thanksgiving and Christmas stories into the second week of January of the NEW YEAR. Who does such a thing. Certainly not I. Just check click on "previous post" and you'll see I'm up to date, you'll see my New Years Resolutions and my "Happy New Year To All" (ok, maybe you won't).

New Roof, New Windows, New Door, New Year!!!!!!

Late last year ('09) we had a new roof installed.

We knew they were coming, we just didn't know EXACTLY when. I was more than thrilled when they just showed up at my front door on a day that was going to be 56 and sunny, see next shot:
Oh, yes, I was on my way to getting a little of a headache, lucky for me a friend and I had plans to go out that day so I didn't have to listen to a bunch of pounding for long. By the time we were driving down the road to come home, they passed us right up, excellent timing.
One I wasn't able to get away from tho was the window and door installers, Now that was a cold cold day, I'm talking like 32 degrees. They I mean he did the upstairs first and tried to close off each bedroom door while working that room, but I was checking in and did find the door open and NO window in place, so I shut the door myself, brrrr. But I couldn't take it any longer after he did the first 3 downstairs I needed to get out of the house, so I left Sam in charge it was really getting cold in here.
The next day Sam had to go back to the office and I was forced to sit with a blanket around me while yet another man came to install our sliding door. Let me tell you, these windows DO make a difference. Even just touching the glass is warmer than our old windows.
There is just one problem, ummmmm, some of these windows won't open, even with all my might! Yeah, not that I want to open them anytime soon, but that's definitely a problem, and they'll be here later this week to check things out. Oh and did I mention that some are scratched in the vinyl, yeah, so not happy right now. This should not be a fun service call. I took their sign out of the front yard till things get fixed around here.

One More From 2009: CHRISTmas

We had a very busy CHRISTmas week,
First we took Blake to Erie (our home town) 2 days before his parents and sister joined us, this is Blake on our balcony at the hotel putting out reindeer food, (oatmeal and glitter so the reindeer would see it shine and stop by)

This is us floating in the lazy river, we stayed at a hotel that had an indoor water park, and it was a really fun time.

My brother joined us on the second day, here we are having some lunch.

Somebody totally caught me by surprise (Sam, my wonderful husband) I had really no idea this was coming, I told him "I don't need any more jewelery" but, I'll take it:-) After all if he wants me to have it, then I should accept it and be happy.

This is me after I stopped the "waterfall" I can't help it, it's beautiful. Thank You Hun!

Out of order but Jayde opening a present, it's Mr. Potato Head.

Still in PA, we were at our nephews house and Blake was ripping through them pretty excitedly.

At my dads Jayde is showing great grandpa her musical cards we got her.

Finally back at our house and Sam is shown with my favorite pose of the grand kids over Thanksgiving vacation, Jennifer hot glued shells they gathered in a shadow box, how sweet.

One of the things I think Jayde liked best her new tub for all her doll stuff she is accumulating at her house, mommy said she needed something to keep it all in, but I think she'll be using it for a car.

Sunday, January 10

Trying to get over 2009

I know, I know it's well into January 2010 and here I am stuck on November 2009. It's just that I like things to go in order no matter how late they are.
We took our daughter and grand kids to Siesta Beach, Florida over the Thanksgiving break. Our son-in-law was unable to get the week off, darn his terrible luck, we still had fun tho. Blake tossing his backpack onto our huge pile of luggage while grandpa went to get the car.
These are the shells he and Jayde collected from our shell walk below. (This picture is out of order)

Jayde was so happy to dig and fill her bucket with sand.

This is why she always came back to mommy with wet clothes, she's just too short!

I love this, she knows what her shirt says and she knows how to wear a smile:-)

Blake enjoyed building sand castles too.

We went out to eat and Blake was practically terrified to touch this crab leg, (I bribed him with a quarter)

Peeling shrimp IS a messy job, but it's so worth it, yum!

Several of us went shell hunting, but Blake found a coconut, and Seth was throwing it trying to bust it open. (they weren't successful)

Sam found this snail, I guess that's what it was, it was alive and so we took a shot of it.

Jennifer, Cori, Jayde and Blake. I love how Jayde is so into it too.

Blake and I