Sunday, January 31


The other day I was at the mall and stopped in one of my favorite stores, The Children's Place. I couldn't believe I was able to snatch so many good finds. The fleece top/jacket for Jayde was just $2.99 both pj's were $2.99 each, (one has snowmen and I just know Jayde will enjoy them, not sure if they are boys but she won't mind) but my favorite finds (and ONE of my weaknesses) mittens, gloves, and hats were just 99¢ EACH. I ended up with the lion set for a friend who just had a baby he'll be warm next year (I think ahead) and I'm sure the striped mittens will go with whatever color coat Jayde has next winter. The gloves are for the following winter, maybe even the one after that, we'll see how long we can get them on her. Kids need lots of mittens when they play in the snow and a pair at grandmas house too. I would NEVER pay FULL price but w/o sale it comes to $71.50 and I PAID $14.82 and that includes tax, yeah ME.

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