Tuesday, January 19

What We've Been Up To

Skating Party! A precious picture of Jayde and her baby blues
Here, they are "putting their left hip in, and shaking it all about"

Owen, Jennifer and Blake

daddy and Jayde

Jayde on wheels, not quite zoom, zooming...yet

We took Blake to the Home Depot to buildSam is so brave to hold it while Blake hammers in the nail
Sticker time, and now we have a....

pro at making calendars, pretty good, young man!

Here he is with his certificate and apron.


I kept Jayde overnight a couple weeks ago because they were calling for snow and I wanted to play with her and didn't want to drive to get her either. Our Little Bengal....

and SNOW we GOT!!! I got a work out getting her dressed and she got a work out shoveling!

Then Cori was out for a walk and here they are, they just love each other so much:-)
Jennifer, Jayde's mom, used to babysit Cori and now Cori babysits Jayde, it's the circle of babysitters:-) Hmmmm, will Jayde babysit Cori's children one day?

and after her I mean our work was done, we...

took a little sled ride:-)

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Alicia said...

Jayde is too cute all bundled up! Looks like she had fun in the snow!