Monday, January 11

New Roof, New Windows, New Door, New Year!!!!!!

Late last year ('09) we had a new roof installed.

We knew they were coming, we just didn't know EXACTLY when. I was more than thrilled when they just showed up at my front door on a day that was going to be 56 and sunny, see next shot:
Oh, yes, I was on my way to getting a little of a headache, lucky for me a friend and I had plans to go out that day so I didn't have to listen to a bunch of pounding for long. By the time we were driving down the road to come home, they passed us right up, excellent timing.
One I wasn't able to get away from tho was the window and door installers, Now that was a cold cold day, I'm talking like 32 degrees. They I mean he did the upstairs first and tried to close off each bedroom door while working that room, but I was checking in and did find the door open and NO window in place, so I shut the door myself, brrrr. But I couldn't take it any longer after he did the first 3 downstairs I needed to get out of the house, so I left Sam in charge it was really getting cold in here.
The next day Sam had to go back to the office and I was forced to sit with a blanket around me while yet another man came to install our sliding door. Let me tell you, these windows DO make a difference. Even just touching the glass is warmer than our old windows.
There is just one problem, ummmmm, some of these windows won't open, even with all my might! Yeah, not that I want to open them anytime soon, but that's definitely a problem, and they'll be here later this week to check things out. Oh and did I mention that some are scratched in the vinyl, yeah, so not happy right now. This should not be a fun service call. I took their sign out of the front yard till things get fixed around here.

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