Monday, January 11

One More From 2009: CHRISTmas

We had a very busy CHRISTmas week,
First we took Blake to Erie (our home town) 2 days before his parents and sister joined us, this is Blake on our balcony at the hotel putting out reindeer food, (oatmeal and glitter so the reindeer would see it shine and stop by)

This is us floating in the lazy river, we stayed at a hotel that had an indoor water park, and it was a really fun time.

My brother joined us on the second day, here we are having some lunch.

Somebody totally caught me by surprise (Sam, my wonderful husband) I had really no idea this was coming, I told him "I don't need any more jewelery" but, I'll take it:-) After all if he wants me to have it, then I should accept it and be happy.

This is me after I stopped the "waterfall" I can't help it, it's beautiful. Thank You Hun!

Out of order but Jayde opening a present, it's Mr. Potato Head.

Still in PA, we were at our nephews house and Blake was ripping through them pretty excitedly.

At my dads Jayde is showing great grandpa her musical cards we got her.

Finally back at our house and Sam is shown with my favorite pose of the grand kids over Thanksgiving vacation, Jennifer hot glued shells they gathered in a shadow box, how sweet.

One of the things I think Jayde liked best her new tub for all her doll stuff she is accumulating at her house, mommy said she needed something to keep it all in, but I think she'll be using it for a car.

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