Monday, January 4

Not Me Monday

Over at everyone is posting what they think they didn't do but in reality they did.

Today is not anywhere near January 4 2010, I have not even finished blogging last year's events, I'm always on time, well except when it comes to blogging. Oh, how will I ever post CHRISTmas stories in January? (if you want to see them come back in December (haha) or try again in a day or two).

Oh and another thing I did not do is I did not cancel my upcoming surgery in exactly 1 week from today, what am I thinking, I know one thing I am thinking if I ain't showing up, I better get on the phone and get that cancelled, it's just the right thing to do.

Oh and as you might or might not know we're still having trouble with our new car, (does 8 months constitute NEW) my husband did not gripe and moan severely yesterday (said nicely) one too many times about the drivers mirror being defective, he first told me to get it fixed a month ago and today I finally called and I have to wait an entire week! Oh dear.

And the very last thing I just did NOT do is link to Mcmamma's post wrong, but I did correct it and now I'm on the list twice, sorry folks.

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