Sunday, January 10

Trying to get over 2009

I know, I know it's well into January 2010 and here I am stuck on November 2009. It's just that I like things to go in order no matter how late they are.
We took our daughter and grand kids to Siesta Beach, Florida over the Thanksgiving break. Our son-in-law was unable to get the week off, darn his terrible luck, we still had fun tho. Blake tossing his backpack onto our huge pile of luggage while grandpa went to get the car.
These are the shells he and Jayde collected from our shell walk below. (This picture is out of order)

Jayde was so happy to dig and fill her bucket with sand.

This is why she always came back to mommy with wet clothes, she's just too short!

I love this, she knows what her shirt says and she knows how to wear a smile:-)

Blake enjoyed building sand castles too.

We went out to eat and Blake was practically terrified to touch this crab leg, (I bribed him with a quarter)

Peeling shrimp IS a messy job, but it's so worth it, yum!

Several of us went shell hunting, but Blake found a coconut, and Seth was throwing it trying to bust it open. (they weren't successful)

Sam found this snail, I guess that's what it was, it was alive and so we took a shot of it.

Jennifer, Cori, Jayde and Blake. I love how Jayde is so into it too.

Blake and I

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