Sunday, January 31

Haiti Help

Our church is collecting items for a drop off location that will forward collected items onto Haiti, Matthew25 Ministries ( I have been shopping and collected and dropped off a bunch over at the church. Since I am such a great bargain shopper, I enjoyed donating some items I got for cheap or free. Some stuff here has been bought with donations of cash from our church family but mostly I've been able to make this pile larger by hunting out of my "stock piles"
When we go to a hotel we scoop up all our freebies (I'm sure you do it too, so don't laugh at me)
20 rolls of t.p.
5 pkgs of wipes,7 if you count the Wet Ones I got for 12¢ each
2 btls of bbq sauce
4 tubes of toothpaste
1 shampoo
2 pkgs of diapers, I already dropped 3 off at church the other week.
rice, personal things, 48 bottles of water, cereal, crackers
4 pkgs. of Kleenex
2 pkgs of cotton balls
2 cans of chicken gravy.
I can't wait till Tuesday when Becky and I load up ALL the stuff at church and deliver it, it's going to be an awesome feeling. I'll try to remember the camera on that day to show you.

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Anonymous said...

your church and you did a great job, it all adds up so fast.