Thursday, September 1

Bargain Shopping

I've still been doing my "bargain shopping" and this is a picture of my latest purchase. Not a bad deal. These items average $1.78 EACH, which does include sales tax.

Wednesday, August 31

Did You Know????

Hair grows slowest at night. It's growth speeds up in the morning, slows down in the afternoon, and speeds back up again in the evening! Hair also grows faster in the summer than winter, due to the persperation on your head.

Monday, August 29

Trying Again

I've really missed writing my blog and I think it's good for me to jot down my thoughts, activities, and such. It's just that I've been face booking and find it so simple to just take a picture and post a comment on what I've been up to. Unfortunately with fb there is no "log" so to speak and here it's all in one place.....Please wish me luck, I do know I have a few out there who visit my blog and it's got to be boring not seeing a new post, well guess what...I'm baaaack! It's boring not getting a comment back, so once again, PLEASE leave me a comment ( you can be anonymous). But I'd also like to say I'm not doing this for the comments, I'm doing this to blog my life, however adventurous or boring it might be.

Thursday, May 19

It's Been 13 Months To The Day

I had my sinus surgery 13 months ago today and I'm really feeling quite happy about the whole process, I'm still breathing great, I'm not whistling when I breath, hooray! (once and a while I do get clogged up)but YES, I hopefully won't have to do that again, but Yes, I would if I had to.

Friday, January 7

End Of Year Clearance

I love this time of year not because of all the clearance deals on clothes and toys, certainly not because of the snow ok, I admit I like it a little bit SOME of the time, but not a lot of the time) What I love to do is go through my coupons and get rid of all the expired ones, it's so easy, I just look at the last 2 digits of the year, if it ends in 10 they're toast, outta here, gone. I go through them quite frequently anyway but the end of the year is so much fun, that's why I'm smiling. Don't you smile when your having fun, I know I do:-) I've never went as far as weighing them but I just had to get a picture. It came to 7.5 ounces! My coupon pack is so skinny now, I feel like she went on a diet.

I'm Sorda Famous

I've been following this savings blog for a while now and she asked for people to send in photos of their great shopping savings skills, and she picked me and some others. I'm Pretty excited about that. This was one of my shopping trips to CVS in December.

Tuesday, January 4

Cant Pick Just One

I took these pictures one evening when I was told "it's too dark to take pictures"
This is Jayde and Blake out for an evening stroll.sitting around the mums
Jayde "hamming it up" for the camera
Blake happy as a race car driver:-)
One more because I just can't pick one.
Good-bye my darling grandchildren,
come back real soon y'all.