Tuesday, June 30

Tippy Tuesday

Since summer has arrived and it's been hot enough to go swimming, and play in the sun, let's not forget about our little ones (and yourself too). It is advised to put sunscreen on 30 minutes before going out in the sun. Even on cloudy days it is possible to get too many sun rays, so be careful and do the ones you love a favor and lather them up well and while your at it put some on too. While sweating and swimming don't forget to add another dose!
I copied the following info for FREE Arby's Wednesday
from one of the blogs I go to for great bargains head over to www.savingsherry.blogspot.com to read up on deals. I'm sharing this with you so you can plan your lunch tomorrow.

Head to your local Arby's on Wednesday to get a FREE Regular Roast Beef with a soft drink purchase! Yummy!Here is the schedule for the rest of the summer:

July 1stFree Regular Beef and Cheddar with soft drink purchase
July 8thFree Orange Cream Shake with sandwich purchase
July 15thFree Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase
July 22ndFree RoastBurger with soft drink purchase
July 29thFree FruiTea with sandwich purchase
August 5thFree Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase
August 12thFree Roast Chicken Club with soft drink purchase
August 19thFree FruiTea with sandwich purchase
August 26thFree Roast Beef 'n Cheddar with soft drink purchase

Don't forget to call before you head out because Sherry has been looked at like she's lost her mind when trying to get Arby's deals before! Some stores participate and some stores are completely unaware that there is a deal going on!

Monday, June 29


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. So, seeing as many of you have never heard of this, it’s basically where you confess things youve done the last week, except you make it sound like you didn’t do it. Now that you know how to play, let’s continue.

I did not transfer my husbands RX to Meijer so I could do some grocery shopping and use my $10.00 off next order coupon, but instead went out of my way to get there to just pick it up thru the drive thru window and leave, using my coupon. All because I was short on time and had my grandson with me. Nope, NOT ME.
While on our trip to see several friends, from our old town over the weekend, I did not hear my husband read the sign that said "NO TURN ON RED" and therefore, I did not see him make a RIGHT HAND TURN.

While visiting my old neighbors, I did not almost cry looking at my beloved house across the street:-(

Friday, June 26

Our Bed Goes Thru The Window

This post goes with the previous post and should be read SECOND. They just climbed thru the rosebush to get on top of the garage roof.
Now they walk this heavy oak headboard around the top of the roof to the master window

And it literally Just makes it, there wasn't even a half inch clearance!
The finished bed, well almost, look at all the wonderful storage I have to hide things. I love it!

Thursday, June 25

Master Bedroom Show Us Where You Live

Over at KellysKorner http://www.kellyskorner.blogspot.com/ a home tour is happening and you can see what others bedrooms are looking like. Actually you can see just about all of others houses if you check deep enough into her blog. It's happening every Friday with another part of our homes.

Here is our bedroom: Please click on any picture to see it enlarge:-)

This is as soon as your turn right into the room. Our walls are still quite empty. As you can see, I am a panda freak. The smaller prints were actually taken at the Memphis, Tennessee zoo last year with our own camera, I just love my camera and the quality it gives us.
This is where Lilah's bed is too, (the one in the corner). Our KING bed is so high she can't jump onto it any more so we pick her up when we're in the room, she loves the soft mattress. The copper decorative plate on the wall is from my uncle when he worked for the government and was in the Philippines he sent each of his siblings one and this one just happened to be my moms. This character picture is from a few years back at Kings Island. Because the artist was drawing weird faces on the one ahead of us, I told him if he messed it up badly we weren't buying it so he was kind to us.
Another view of our bed, it is so huge they had to bring it thru the window (just the headboard)but not until they got it up the flight of stairs and attempted to round the corner but no rounding corners with this big monster! Those men really deserved a tip for crawling onto the roof, it isn't light either. If you want to see the thru the window and your from KellysKorner you can go to "next post" at bottom of this one or go to #158 on her blog. On the headboard I have a picture of the beach, our daughters college graduation picture, MY noise maker so I can sleep, and the alarm clock.
That door goes to our master closet. As you can tell I just love panda bears:-) The painting on the wall is from my dear friend, Rose, she is an artist and made this for us as a house welcoming gift when we moved into our previous home.

This is on my night stand, a precious gift from my daughter or should I say grandson a few years back, I just adore it to pieces. It took me 2 months before I could figure out the perfect picture for it. This was taken at our VBS 2 years ago. Click on it to enlarge and read it.

We have 2 stacks of drawers and bookcase headboard with lights but they're not bright enough to read by so I have a clip on lamp for the few times I want to read. My sister found me this stool at a yard sale, now I don't have to run and jump into bed! ha, ha The piggy bank is taking over 5 years to fill just this much because it JUST has 1981 and 2004 coins because that is the year my daughter was born and the year my grandson was born. We will give him this bank someday. I need to find one for Jayde I just can't find a clear piggy bank yet, her coins are in a cup with 1980 and 2007 coins because her dad was born in 1980 and she '07. If you know who sells clear piggy banks PLEASE leave me a comment, thanks.

Sam's aunt needle pointed this for us as part of our wedding gift and it's been in nearly every bedroom we've had.

These bears sit on top of our TV. The one on the left is a Build A Bear and Sam recorded me a special message when I squeeze his hand I hear his voice! I REALLY treasure it. It's the cutest thing and I've taken it on trips when I go with out him.
This is how we got our bed into the bedroom:http://lohrer.blogspot.com/2009/06/our-bed-goes-thru-window.html

Wednesday, June 24

Did You Know...

In 1857 toilet paper was invented by Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City.

(and I thought of having Jayde do this but didn't want to teach her bad habit's, she can figure this out on her own time)

The average person has about 10,000 taste buds and they're replaced every 2 weeks or so. But as a person ages, some of those taste cells don't get replaced. An older person may only have 5,000 working taste buds. That's why certain foods may taste stronger to a child than an adult. Smoking ("they say") also can reduce the number of taste buds a person has.

This is a copy of the first telephone "book" ever issued, it contained only 50 names, and was a single page. It was published in New Haven, Connecticut, by the New Haven District Telephone Company in February 1878.


If you like Arby's, today you can get a free sandwich with any soft drink purchase. For the complete Wednesday listing through out the summer go to http://www.savingsherry.blogspot.com and look for her post on Arby's.

Tuesday, June 23


Hello:-) Today I am sharing where I go to get a lot of my bargain shopping list. Andrea is a local in my area and I've met her in person, she is full of great sale, coupon, stockpiling, charity ideas and so on, she even shares how to start a blog, she talks about making money at home by doing surveys and just plain 'ol searches on your computer.

Right now she is giving away a handy simple HD camcorder and she is closing entries this Sunday.

What are you waiting for?! Go visit her blog and start saving! She's at http://www.mommysnacks.net/

Tuesday, June 16

Tippy Tuesday

Whoa! I almost forgot today is Tuesday, here is your tip:

Chew a small bite, pretzel, chip, cracker, bite of sandwich, you get the idea till JUST ready to swallow, stick the pill in your mouth and swallow. RIGHT down the HATCH it GOES. Simple.

I have to give my sister credit for this one. I thought she was crazy till I was sick one day and had to take horse pills and couldn't get them down I just had to try it for myself, and it works very smooth. Thank-You Sharyn, I love you.

Monday, June 15


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
So, seeing as many of you have never heard of this, it’s basically where you confess things you’ve done the last week, except you make it sound like you didn’t do it. Got it? Now, on with what I did not do last week:-)

Back on 5-18-09 I made a post called Not Me Monday (I can't figure out how to link, so you'll need to go back to find it), anyway, short story: Like I did not say we did not buy a new car and something very important certainly was included but just not visible, I mean right here in the picture. Here I am showing you what is there. I mean NOT there. Hint: I am in the glove box

Our salesman absolutely did NOT call to tell me it would be in in one week, why would he? I mean after all it was right in the glove box, just hiding, I guess. I certainly did NOT call 8 days later because I am a patient gal and will always wait for them to call me, NOT! I know I didn't hear them tell me it's still not in, and because our salesman was no longer working there I was at the end of my connections. I didn't hear them suggest salesman and he didn't take the liberty of telling me he will talk to the owner and get back to me "tonight".

But, being the patient one I am, I did NOT get ticked off and call Subaru customer service directly myself and of course they were not able to send me a '08 Tribeca manual to my house in 7-10 days instead it will be the regular 3 weeks like just passed. NOT! (Subaru customer service is great, really they are) The new salesman called me right back, NOT! My husband did not do this to my "dealer tag". It's just that when I took the photo it came out looking like this. (Maybe MckMama can tell me what's up with my camera, hehe.) He says it's to show we're so pleased and a satisfied customer to the car dealership. Have you ever heard of people doing this? I had not, but hey, I was all for it after all I want to show my satisfaction to the whole town! YEAH:-)

Last week was a boring mail week, as you can see, nothing fun came. I'm playing it safe, sorry but I can't share my entire custom plate with the whole world, there are some crazy's out there. The dreaded roasting rack that goes to my slow cooker so once again I can cook extremely tough beef roast and let it sit in the grease drippings ( it's in the box) and some wallet prints we had made from our church directory pose.

A week later I still had not put my new plate on our car. I'm still retaliating, I mean delighted with their service.

Tuesday comes and I did not go out of my way to the dealership, I didn't ask for the General Manager, I really didn't tell him all about me getting jerked around because that manual is in my glove box I just can't seem to see it with the naked eye. I'm loving how they're telling me it's ordered and he checks to make sure by calling the owner who handles all part orders and tells the owner to order me one. The owner knew all about it already and says "OK". (FOR REAL)

I did not tell the G.M. I'm not satisfied and he did not tell me, the customer, that's all he can do; it will be here in a week! I stayed cool and didn't hear myself respond with: "there is more you can do, I have my plate on upside down and I will keep it like that unless something can be done". He didn't ask what I wanted and I didn't reply: a complementary oil change when it's time. I should have asked for 2 but well, I didn't. He gives in.

THEN, I tell him I called Subaru directly and ordered my manual myself. He calls the owner back and tells him the whole thing and to cancel the manual order it's coming to my house and because I was so happy with them that I am driving with my plate upside down, he is giving me a complementary oil change. He then asks if I will please turn my plate upside right. WHAT? I didn't hear myself just say: "They can do it themselves" and 2 minutes later the second salesman did not come out to do it. I drive away still annoyed and put my personalized plate on a couple days later, I only have 30 days.

I hope you enjoyed my NOT ME MONDAY. Leave me a comment and I'll come read yours.

Friday, June 12


I did it again this week!

One of my sources for bargains, Saving Sherry, http://www.savingsherry.blogspot.com/ is telling everyone that they can get a FREE candy bar. I did it last week and again this week, I can only get 2 MORE after today. Give it a try, it's totally simple, you fill out your mailing address and put in the security code and you wait 6 weeks and a coupon comes. There is nothing more to it and so far I haven't even been spamed, YIPPIE. I made it easy for you, I pasted it below to save you the time but I really wish you to go visit her blog. You won't be sorry. It goes on till September but the more that hear of it the harder it will be to get one.

If your not into free chocolate you can still cruise around her blog and get some really cool bargains/savings. There is one listed for printer paper at Staples on her blog, you might have to scroll down a few post or pages just look. It's only costing you $1.00 after rebate, limit of 2 so hurry and go check her out. She's saved me a lot of $$$$. Thanks Sherry.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

FREE Chocolate Friday

Go here to get a coupon for a FREE Mars brand candy bar! The first 250,00 people to sign up after 9 am EST will get a coupon for a FREE candy bar in the mail! They are doing this special every Friday through September! SWEET! I believe you can get 1 coupon per Friday, and up to 4 coupons per household between now and September.

Wednesday, June 10

THIS Frog Likes Rain and So Do Flowers

My friend had a flower pot like this on her blog and I mentioned it to my daughter so she/they made me one for my birthday, I just LOVE it. So far the paint is staying on.

I looked out and noticed Blake found a bucket to gather up water and he watered everything. I used to do the same thing when I was a kid and it brought back memories.

I've said it once, twice and I'll say it again, this car gets used everyday he comes to my house, not even the rain can keep him away, nor snow either.

Pretty Toes

Today was the first day Jayde ever had her toes painted, (I painted them) she just keept looking at them:-) I think she liked her new toes.
I asked her to sit pretty and this is how she posed, she was looking into the door 'cause Lilah was there peeking out. Earlier, I was trying to get a picture with her feet crosed and hands on her lap and would say you look pretty stay still, I'd step a couple steps away and she'd move. So this is the best it got.

Tuesday, June 9

Tippy Tuesday

I pulled the above food out just for picture purpose.
A partial view of my stock.

Here is your weekly Tuesday Tip. If you know me or anything about me you would most likely know I like to "stock up" when I see a bargain. How do I keep all my bargain/sale food from going out of date it's so simple, I mark the top of the can with the month and year I bought it and rotate "stock", just like they're supposed to do in the grocery store.

Saturday, June 6


Today I turn another year older, I always say that's a good thing cause I am still having them. Besides, I enjoy my birthDAY.

My husband sent me 2 dozen of my favorite flowers (tulips) yesterday and luckily I was home when they were delivered. A very pleasant surprise! I love me some surprises!

Later, my daughter called to take me (us) out to dinner and I of course picked my favorite, Max and Erma's, all in all it was a great evening, on our way leaving we heard somebody call out our last name and turned to see some old church/hang out friends. We chatted a good chat and exchanged cell numbers so we are going to be seeing more of each other in the future!

This is Blake tenaciously opening my massivly taped up card because I didn't have the patience to struggle with ALL that tape for too long.

Here we are at dinner

I offered my dessert to everyone. Blake didn't like it but Jayde sure did.

Wednesday, June 3

Did You Know...

A dolphin produces notes 100 times higher than the highest note a human soprano can reach even in the shower?!

Ostriches are such fast runners, they can outrun a horse. Male ostriches can also roar like a lion.

Tuesday, June 2

Tippy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This is how I keep my coupons and store bargains together till I get there and pay: I have several envelopes marked with the store name and stick my list and coupons in there. Most of my coupon hunting is done for me before I step in the sometimes crowded stores, I get these envelopes from the bills that I pay online and if I'm going to their store I pay it while I am there, sure beats a postage stamp:-)

Monday, June 1

One More Food Post

I was getting Lilah's bedding together to wash it and LOOK at all the treats she's been stashing! She gets a marrow bone and a milk bone in the morning and through out the day she gets a different kind of snack, so let's see here, she had 2 in the bed and 2 in her bedding that makes 4 days she didn't eat her treats. She buries them and eats them when she is ready. I beat her at her own game tho, I put 2 back in the box. ha, ha

While On The Food Subject...

This is how our pizza looked when we got it home^
Even the underside looked awful, now who would serve this you ask, LaRosas the best pizza place in Cincinnati! I had to call them and they gave us credit for another, good thing I had a free cheese mushroom pizza too.

Maybe what really got me going is because in the morning I opened a new can of dog food to find a nice size hole in there, this stuff ain't cheap!

My pictures are out of order but I put the knife in to show you how deep it went. Ummm, I was having olives and tea for me and dog food for Lilah

NICE...A half full can of dog food. Or is it half empty?

Grocery Shopping Bargain

I was at Meijer a few weeks ago and I keep thining of showing off my terrific bargain I got so I am doing it finally. Like I wrote all this for just $1.99 and with out coupons it would be $11.06!