Thursday, June 25

Master Bedroom Show Us Where You Live

Over at KellysKorner a home tour is happening and you can see what others bedrooms are looking like. Actually you can see just about all of others houses if you check deep enough into her blog. It's happening every Friday with another part of our homes.

Here is our bedroom: Please click on any picture to see it enlarge:-)

This is as soon as your turn right into the room. Our walls are still quite empty. As you can see, I am a panda freak. The smaller prints were actually taken at the Memphis, Tennessee zoo last year with our own camera, I just love my camera and the quality it gives us.
This is where Lilah's bed is too, (the one in the corner). Our KING bed is so high she can't jump onto it any more so we pick her up when we're in the room, she loves the soft mattress. The copper decorative plate on the wall is from my uncle when he worked for the government and was in the Philippines he sent each of his siblings one and this one just happened to be my moms. This character picture is from a few years back at Kings Island. Because the artist was drawing weird faces on the one ahead of us, I told him if he messed it up badly we weren't buying it so he was kind to us.
Another view of our bed, it is so huge they had to bring it thru the window (just the headboard)but not until they got it up the flight of stairs and attempted to round the corner but no rounding corners with this big monster! Those men really deserved a tip for crawling onto the roof, it isn't light either. If you want to see the thru the window and your from KellysKorner you can go to "next post" at bottom of this one or go to #158 on her blog. On the headboard I have a picture of the beach, our daughters college graduation picture, MY noise maker so I can sleep, and the alarm clock.
That door goes to our master closet. As you can tell I just love panda bears:-) The painting on the wall is from my dear friend, Rose, she is an artist and made this for us as a house welcoming gift when we moved into our previous home.

This is on my night stand, a precious gift from my daughter or should I say grandson a few years back, I just adore it to pieces. It took me 2 months before I could figure out the perfect picture for it. This was taken at our VBS 2 years ago. Click on it to enlarge and read it.

We have 2 stacks of drawers and bookcase headboard with lights but they're not bright enough to read by so I have a clip on lamp for the few times I want to read. My sister found me this stool at a yard sale, now I don't have to run and jump into bed! ha, ha The piggy bank is taking over 5 years to fill just this much because it JUST has 1981 and 2004 coins because that is the year my daughter was born and the year my grandson was born. We will give him this bank someday. I need to find one for Jayde I just can't find a clear piggy bank yet, her coins are in a cup with 1980 and 2007 coins because her dad was born in 1980 and she '07. If you know who sells clear piggy banks PLEASE leave me a comment, thanks.

Sam's aunt needle pointed this for us as part of our wedding gift and it's been in nearly every bedroom we've had.

These bears sit on top of our TV. The one on the left is a Build A Bear and Sam recorded me a special message when I squeeze his hand I hear his voice! I REALLY treasure it. It's the cutest thing and I've taken it on trips when I go with out him.
This is how we got our bed into the bedroom:


Heather said...

What a cute room! Thanks for sharing!

Pam Bowers said...

I couldn't tell you liked panda's.'s a cute room!

Anonymous said...

Your room is adorable! Can't imagine how your going to move that bed someday.

Anonymous said...

Love your panda theme.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Wow, panda freak indeed. You must have a very tolerant husband.

Lori said...

Heather and Pam: Thanks:-)

Lori said...

My husband knows I absolutely love pandas and is content with whatever I like, however, he might have a problem if I put panda border in the livingroom! Now that WOULD be FREAKY.ha!