Monday, June 15


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
So, seeing as many of you have never heard of this, it’s basically where you confess things you’ve done the last week, except you make it sound like you didn’t do it. Got it? Now, on with what I did not do last week:-)

Back on 5-18-09 I made a post called Not Me Monday (I can't figure out how to link, so you'll need to go back to find it), anyway, short story: Like I did not say we did not buy a new car and something very important certainly was included but just not visible, I mean right here in the picture. Here I am showing you what is there. I mean NOT there. Hint: I am in the glove box

Our salesman absolutely did NOT call to tell me it would be in in one week, why would he? I mean after all it was right in the glove box, just hiding, I guess. I certainly did NOT call 8 days later because I am a patient gal and will always wait for them to call me, NOT! I know I didn't hear them tell me it's still not in, and because our salesman was no longer working there I was at the end of my connections. I didn't hear them suggest salesman and he didn't take the liberty of telling me he will talk to the owner and get back to me "tonight".

But, being the patient one I am, I did NOT get ticked off and call Subaru customer service directly myself and of course they were not able to send me a '08 Tribeca manual to my house in 7-10 days instead it will be the regular 3 weeks like just passed. NOT! (Subaru customer service is great, really they are) The new salesman called me right back, NOT! My husband did not do this to my "dealer tag". It's just that when I took the photo it came out looking like this. (Maybe MckMama can tell me what's up with my camera, hehe.) He says it's to show we're so pleased and a satisfied customer to the car dealership. Have you ever heard of people doing this? I had not, but hey, I was all for it after all I want to show my satisfaction to the whole town! YEAH:-)

Last week was a boring mail week, as you can see, nothing fun came. I'm playing it safe, sorry but I can't share my entire custom plate with the whole world, there are some crazy's out there. The dreaded roasting rack that goes to my slow cooker so once again I can cook extremely tough beef roast and let it sit in the grease drippings ( it's in the box) and some wallet prints we had made from our church directory pose.

A week later I still had not put my new plate on our car. I'm still retaliating, I mean delighted with their service.

Tuesday comes and I did not go out of my way to the dealership, I didn't ask for the General Manager, I really didn't tell him all about me getting jerked around because that manual is in my glove box I just can't seem to see it with the naked eye. I'm loving how they're telling me it's ordered and he checks to make sure by calling the owner who handles all part orders and tells the owner to order me one. The owner knew all about it already and says "OK". (FOR REAL)

I did not tell the G.M. I'm not satisfied and he did not tell me, the customer, that's all he can do; it will be here in a week! I stayed cool and didn't hear myself respond with: "there is more you can do, I have my plate on upside down and I will keep it like that unless something can be done". He didn't ask what I wanted and I didn't reply: a complementary oil change when it's time. I should have asked for 2 but well, I didn't. He gives in.

THEN, I tell him I called Subaru directly and ordered my manual myself. He calls the owner back and tells him the whole thing and to cancel the manual order it's coming to my house and because I was so happy with them that I am driving with my plate upside down, he is giving me a complementary oil change. He then asks if I will please turn my plate upside right. WHAT? I didn't hear myself just say: "They can do it themselves" and 2 minutes later the second salesman did not come out to do it. I drive away still annoyed and put my personalized plate on a couple days later, I only have 30 days.

I hope you enjoyed my NOT ME MONDAY. Leave me a comment and I'll come read yours.


Anonymous said...

That has to be annoying, to purchas a new car and no manual and to have them say they'll get you one and NOT. Poor customer service, shame on Busam

Gill Family said...

Thanks for pointing that out? I fixed it.... :D