Saturday, June 6


Today I turn another year older, I always say that's a good thing cause I am still having them. Besides, I enjoy my birthDAY.

My husband sent me 2 dozen of my favorite flowers (tulips) yesterday and luckily I was home when they were delivered. A very pleasant surprise! I love me some surprises!

Later, my daughter called to take me (us) out to dinner and I of course picked my favorite, Max and Erma's, all in all it was a great evening, on our way leaving we heard somebody call out our last name and turned to see some old church/hang out friends. We chatted a good chat and exchanged cell numbers so we are going to be seeing more of each other in the future!

This is Blake tenaciously opening my massivly taped up card because I didn't have the patience to struggle with ALL that tape for too long.

Here we are at dinner

I offered my dessert to everyone. Blake didn't like it but Jayde sure did.


Anonymous said...

hey at 10:02 saturday night ( your birthday night) I finished catching up on your blog... how is the woman doing who went into labor 900 miles from home? It is nice not having to type crazy letters to leave a message..this is from your sister. i love you!and gald u had a nice birthDAY experience.--sharyn

Lori said...

yes, I took those crazy letters off some time ago, they're so annoying.

You can read about the Daniel family (woman that went into labor in DC on a business trip a.k,a. 900 miles from home) here: It looks like you'll have to paste it first tho. But in a nut shell, she is fine the baby is on a cpap and has small holes in his heart and they're stuck in DC Still since March 21 because the baby is in the NICU 6 weeks old.

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

i somehow missed this but Happy Belated Birthday

Lori said...

Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes and cards.

Lori said...

The correct blog address for Brittany (who had her baby early in D.C.) can be found at..