Thursday, October 16

Miami Trip

Once again, I was fortunate to travel along with my dear husband to Miami for a business trip. We stayed at an awsome resort/spa (not on his dime this time), called Doral golf resort/spa. It's actually where the "Blue Monster" golf course is, also known as the home to the PGA. I am not a golfer of any sort so whoopie do. But I did take a looooong walk around the many golf courses and being surrounded by green lush lawn, beautiful palm trees, and coconut trees was thrilling enough for me. I was also a pool lounger and even got in a cat nap there. All this was enough to keep me occupied till the greet, meet and eat with all the other "techies".
All these pictures were taken with my camera phone. I've noticed these can not be enlarged by clicking on them.

A tangled up mess of tree roots.

My ultimate hang out. I swam, and slept here.


Anonymous said...

How long have you been back from Miami?? i want to see some pictures!! SSM

Saving Sherry said...

You've been tagged! Check out the details in my blog!