Friday, October 24

Bargain shopping!!!!

My pal, just tagged me. If your into saving money and who isn't I'm talking lot's of it, just visit her site, she tells you practically exactly how to do it! Of course coupons are nearly mandatory. But you can still save by getting the CVS and Walgreens sales and end up getting Register Rewards=walgreens or Cash Back=CVS you do however need a CVS card/ you can get it for free right at the store. Then you use these rewards to purchase the next stuff. Walgreens however does not require anything special.

This is from a recent shopping trip:


Saving Sherry said...

Hi Lori! It was nice to finally meet you on Saturday! Thanks for the shout out!

Lori said...

Your welcome. I went home and told my husband to guess who I MET. He guessed YOU, (first guess). My sister guessed Sarah Palin. I said no, guess one more time somebody I actually talked to. I don't recall who she guessed but it was not you. I feel like I met a celebrity.