Friday, March 5

My Shopping Trips Lately...

This was such a fun, quick trip into Walgreen's, what makes it so fun is because Sam was with me and he got to see how I do this bargain shopping...(of course he hears about it all the time from me) This is how it played out....I had a coupon for buy one get 1 free Purex. This was great because they were running a bogo sale to begin with, so that made the other bottle absolutely FREE, so I got $12.00 in laundry detergent for FREE. Giving to my sister will be greatly appreciated by her. I also had a coupon for a FREE pkg. of Oreos when I bought a gallon of milk and an additional pkg. of Oreos(milk and cookies yum). Since the coupon didn't state what size pkg to buy I bought the small box of Oreos for 99¢ and got the BIG bag FREE. I did all the talking to the nice cashier and told him exactly how I wanted to play this coupon game out and Sam stood there quiet as a mouse taking it all in. I loved it. I had $2.00 in Walgreen's money (RR=register reward) The milk was on sale for $1.99. So I handed over just $1.35 in cash. Yeah ME!!!

Click on the pictures,you know you want to:-)This receipt is nearly as long as my granddaughter is tall!!! To get the best deal for my bucks I made 4 transactions so I could get all my Catalina's, (a paper worth X amt. off my next order, which I used to get the higher priced items: dog food, meat, toilet paper, dog treats and a jar of spice and several bags of french fries)
I couldn't even get it all in a single shot.

Not even from standing up on a chair w/ a wide lense. haha

ok, I really could have but it's too tough to see what all I have.

So I'll just "spell" it out for you.

15 boxes of B.C. potatoes FREE
12 B.C. Helpers 25¢ each
2 Macaroni Grills $1.99 ea.
2 pouches of U.Bens rice $1.16 ea.
4 cans Chunky soup 65¢ ea.
1 Barilla sauce $1.00
2 boxes of Swiss Miss 50¢ ea.
2 Welch's gr. juice $2.00 ea.
1 G-2 Gatorade FREE
3 Warm Delights 17¢ ea.
1 Louis Kemp crab delights 99¢
3 fruit cups 67¢ ea.
1 bag crappy iceberg lettuce FREE
1 bag baby organic carrots FREE
1 pkg. sliced mushrooms $1.50
3 Lunchable subs 25¢ ea.
1 Smithfiield bacon $1.58
4 Ore ida potatoes $4.00
7 Gr. Giant boxed veggies $8.?? BECAUSE I DIDN'T REALIZE ASPARAGUS WAS NOT INCL. AND THAT COST ME OVER $3.?? FOR JUST ONE BOX, SHAME ON ME. (I really splurged on that, it was really good tho, but won't do it again) ANYWAY...
2 Heluva Good Dips FREE
1 12 Big Rolls Charmin $4.79
6 pkgs. Pillsbury cookies $1.00 ea.
4 tubes Pillsbury biscuits $1.00 overage!!
6 yoplait 26¢ ea.
1 bag Chef Michaels dog food $2.99
4 B.C. fruit snacks of various kind 50¢ ea.
4 Ortega seasoning packets 12¢ overage!!
2 B.C. Supreme brownie mix around $1.17 ea.
4 Chex Mix FREE
4 toaster struddles 50¢ ea.
1 box of Tyson chicken patties $1.50
1 bag Gortons Fish fillets $2.49
1 5# box of cuties oranges $3.97
1 Kraft parm. cheese $1.99
1 shoe lace pkg. $1.59
2 different kinds of dog treats aprox. $2.49 TOTAL (one was free)
2 hershey candy bars 37¢ each, (bogo)
1 lager bag dog food $7.99
1 pkg. ground Angus beef $5.97
1 tube pillsbury sweet rolls
1 loaf bread 89¢
1 pear $1.08 OUCH!!! but it was sooooo yummy
1 pkg. Barilla pasta shells $1.98
1 small Calif. pizza $1.69
1 bag pretzels $1.34
2 bags of Joy of Cooking meals CLEARANCED out 1.99 ea.
1 jar sage $3.75
Transaction #1 Before coupons $33.98 PAID: $13.79 saved 40.59%

Transaction #2 " " $29.85 " $10.21 " 65.80%

Transaction # 3 " " $176.28 " $70.01 " 60.28%

Transaction #4 " " $49.01 " $ 6.60 " 86.53%

Combined.............. " " $289.12 " $107.01 " 63%

Target had these twin packs on clearance for $5.08 EACH. With Sam eating one just about every month, I had to tackle this deal while the getting was good. These sell for $10.35 a twin pack at Kroger!!!!
A savings of $5.49 per package and a GRAND TOTAL savings of $23.96.

CVS made a BIG woops 2 weeks ago and put ALL their Huggies wipes on sale for 2/$5.00. It was just supposed to be the little tubs but I was able to get in on the deal with a rain check. Jennifer gave me a couple coupons and so one of the 4 pkgs. ended up being free because I had a $2.00 off any Huggies coupon that printed out for me at CVS, I paired it w/ a mfr. coupon and made it free.
With all my coupons it ended up going down to $6.00 then I used part of a $25.00 gift card I had for transferring a RX. I actually gave them NO money that day! Yeah ME. These wipes come in handy for messy sticky little faces and hands, cleaning up around the counters and the bathrooms between disinfectant cleaning. I will also donate 2 packs to Blake's teacher because she uses wipes in her classroom. Donating makes me feel good.

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