Monday, March 1

Not Me Monday

Over at everyone is talking about what they don't think they did, but in reality we really did it, we just don't like to spread our faults around too much.
***This picture does not go with the day I am going to talk about here but it's the only one I have of her in her carseat.***

Last week one day I meet my daughter at her work so could have some "Jayde time" while she worked. Jayde and I went shopping and then she saw McDonald's Valentine cards in my car and wanted to go there. Naturally I gave in. It was only 10:00 A.M. and I thought she'd have a fun time in their play area and work her way up through the tubes and slide down. She had so much fun and she and another boy her age were the only ones (yippie). So we finally got done with our running around and it was near time for her mom to get out of work...this is where the NOT ME part kicks in...
We were not 2 blocks from her work and I would never have thought just for a second not to return her to her mom but instead take her straight to my house and play some more indoors while Jennifer finished up her last 10 minutes and drove the 7 min out of her way to my house to get Jayde, this way my sweet granddaughter would be riding home in a warmed up car instead of getting into Mommy's cold car in the parking lot. Always thinking about what is best for my grandkids...but not the most convient.
What didn't you do?

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