Sunday, November 8

Bargain Shopping

As you can tell, I like to get the best deal I can on everything I buy, and I would say I achieved it very nicely, I'm going back to get another 10 items and get an immediate $5.00 off and use more coupons I've printed and cut out from the newspaper. I may even post the shopping trip photo. Before coupons and sale prices $26.16 after coupons and sales and promo $3.82 YIP, I'm good!
The other day when I was at Target I came across another weakness of mine, I love M&M's and I got three bags @ 74¢ ea.

I opened all the bags and look at all that candy!
To make eating easier, I mean to conserve on space, I opend each bag and filled this 41/2 cup bowl nearly all the way, and oh BTW, you get 16-18 pcs mostly 18 though in each FUN size bag.
They came in handy when Jayde went on the potty, REWARD time! She's getting the hang of it.

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