Saturday, November 14


My beloved camera died some time ago, and after months of using Sam's big, bulky camera and I do mean bulky, I finally did some research and we went out shopping to get me (us) a new one. I can't believe the deal we got and to make it even sweeter, Staples gave us an unexpected rebate to send in for another $50.00 Staples credit.
So yippie, I have a new camera! (very similar to my old one, but sadly it doesn't come with a swivel screen) {sniff, sniff} Might I add, I do like how it's a bit smaller too. I have to get used to it soon, because we have a big event coming up (please, all you who know, don't lead on, I don't want the whole world to know, not yet anyway) so I need to get my grand kids or something I can practice with.
After instant price reduction and with the rebate, this camera only cost $79.00! I can't wait to start using it. I actually might have to keep the grand kids a bit tomorrow so I can try it out.

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