Thursday, November 5

Pumpkin Time

These are late but come on, their so adorable I just wanted to share:
Jayde 2 years old waiting for me to come outside
Looks like Blake is getting "5" from Jayde

Oh, she wants to give "gamma" 5 now, thanks, I'm good!

This kid doesn't get the fact I don't need 5! Isn't her dress the sweetest thing.

All done and inside, picture time! Why is one kid always trying to be silly?

"all right, gimme your best smile, I'm serious"

Jayde after bath and wanting her picture taken again, why say no!

This is from our church harvest party

She wouldn't wear her costume at the zoo but she did for that night.

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe she even touched the seeds and goo inside. When we did her pumpkin she wanted nothing to do with the insides. She scooped it all out with a spoon and would not touch the mess. Definately not like her brother in that aspect.