Saturday, May 30

Kids Room: Show Us Where You Live

Over at Kelly's you will find her hosting a home tour. This week is children's rooms/nurseries, so I wanted to share I mean show off my grandchildrens' room at MY house. This is basically where they take their naps and if Blake (5 in July)wants to spend the night it's always ready.

He is a home boy and has spent about 4 nights with us in over 3 years. We try to make it fun, we eat popcorn, ice cream or whatever snack he wants we read stories but he just likes his mom and dad too much and will "miss them" whaaaaa! Just Kidding, he'll be ready some decade, I mean pretty soon. He and Joel his 5 year old friend will be having a sleep over this summer HERE, that's what Blake says anyway. I plan on Jayde (19 months) spending more nights with us than him. Anyway on with the tour:
This is what you see when your in the door way, see the door frame on the left? The rocking chair was used for all 3 of my siblings plus me; my parents kept it at their house for their 5 grandchildren to use when they visited. My daughter had the first great grandchild so she inherited it but she wanted it to be a "grandma thing" so I am more than delighted to take great care of it. Normally, Panda sits on it but I wanted to show you the detail. The books on the dresser keep me from putting things on there that don't belong there, and the kids love to read. I keep out of season clothes in this dresser and other odds and ends that don't really have a "home" This is also the dresser we used for Jennifer and it doubled as a changing table. It used to be her dads dresser. That's Blake in his younger years in the firetruck picture. The other one is his parents engagement picture. They don't look like that anymore, who does after 7+years? They have one of the biggest windows in the house and the second biggest bedroom. I bought the blue curtains and matching bed skirt at Kohl's long before we had a grandDAUGHTER, so it will just stay that way.
This butterfly was given to me from my sister-in-law in Oklahoma, it's made of tin and was very difficult to transport home through airports and an airplane but I managed. I think it looks good there and the pictures of Jesus are from many years ago I had them still so I put HIM up, they can see him while they lay in bed.

Oh, I just love this thank-you "card" each little member of his preschool class drew me a little scribble I mean picture, and the teacher wrote their name next to it. This used to be on the wall next to the bathroom and when he was being potty trained he would get a sticker for a good job. I just recently moved it to their room to preserve it from little Jade's hands.
I wanted this angel picture for a very long time and finally found one. I had this same print in my bedroom as a kid. It will get hung up on the wall next to the scribbles I mean art work.
The pack and play was used for Jayde when she would come and needed a place to sleep that was quiet and next to the computer room. I hung the quilt my mom made me when I was a kid on the side just to show you. I still like it and we used it on the floor when Jayde was smaller for "tummy time". The other day, after I was done taking pictures I threw away the pack and play because she too sleeps in the bed for naps and has no problems staying in there.
Here is one of Blake's many medals from soccer and his certificate from a swim class he and I did together when he was much younger. It says pike and parent but his parents work so I took him and we totally enjoyed it or at least I want to remember it that way:-) Names are blocked out for security reasons.
A view from in front of their closet. This bed was actually his first bed (other than a crib, of course). But his parents quickly decided they wanted to have bunk beds in his room at home so I was thrilled when they asked if we wanted it for here. I love how it has 3 storage drawers, I have some small toys,books and some clothes in there for them. It also has a book shelf. The big frog was from a neighbor and Blake will wrestle with it from time to time. BTW: Blake always wins!
The closet isn't the neatest place in the house but it works, I'm not in there much anyway. I buy clothes in the off season on clearance and HOPE they fit the kids when the time comes, sometimes it works to my advantage other times not so well. Yes, that's right, you see Christmas presents wrapped and waiting. The other half of the closet is our stuff, as you can see, it's starting to over flow into their side. I'm obviously not worried about it.

We buy all the diapers and when I see a bargain, there is no stopping me! When we lived in Indiana, there was an Osco and they had buy one get one free coupons on the back of Purdue basketball tickets so I stocked up BIG TIME, so when we moved here from Indiana (over 3 years ago) I'm not joking you, we had 35 packs of various size diapers and Jayde wasn't even thought of back then. We just had 17 month old Blake. The soccer shoes are from my sister they used to be her grandson's but too big for Blake yet.
And, here is the room from the bed. You see my clothes pin on the curtains its from my Tippy Tuesday post dated May 12. Sorry, I don't know how to send you the. link(after your done with your tour, poke around and read it/them by clicking on "older post". The bag on the door handle is packed with Blake's swim trunks and his and my towels and pool toys and just waiting for the next trip to the Y. I can only handle one kid at a time in water so Jayde gets left out for pool outings, ha, that is till Blake goes to school this fall, then I will be having some special granddaughter time, just like I did for Blake.
I hope you enjoyed your tour and come back anytime. Leave me a comment and I will come visit your tour and or blog.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice place for them to hang out as they get older.

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

cute room
i love the thank you card that the school kids made, too sweet

Jayde said...

Love this well decorated kids room... Wall decor stuff, blue curtains and matching bed skirt all those are wonderful...

Terrell said... fun is this!!?! Great job! I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner and I just love your blog! I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Have a darling day!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~