Saturday, May 2

What More Could I Do

I had a big task on my hands a week ago. Blake was going to get his professional picture taken. We get there, they offer to take Jayde's too while there; together or separate, my choice. Jayde was dressed so nicely in her Easter skirt and top so I was all for it. But for the last few days I had been "prepping" Blake. "Your going to get your picture taken and I want you to co-operate. I'll take you to the carnival if you listen and it will be fun". We take him every year and so he knew he'd love it. I love the Amish and I do believe Blake is part Amish when it comes to professional photo shoots. Absolutely no way will he sit or stand, for that matter. If you have any ideas for the next one PLEASE post them, I need major help here. This is how it went:

Stacy (photographer): who wants to go first?

Me: Blake, do you want to go first?

Blake: NO

Me: OK, Jayde your up first

Blake watched and was into it, next up, Blake

ME: Blake your turn

Blake: No! I'm not doing it!

Me: Blake you said you were gonna be a good , mommy said listen to me and it won't take long, we'll be out of here in no time and off to the carnival.

Blake: No, I won't I don't want my picture taken, it's stupid!

Stacy: I know...A soccer ball in the picture, (he plays soccer)

(the ball is rolled around and he just refuses to acknowledge it, except when it comes near him then he rolls it away from people)

No bribery, not even my promise to taking his ridding car and bike away for the next 2 trips to grandmas house would motivate him. He loves these 2 toys and plays with them EVERY SINGLE time he is here. I was out of choices. Jaydes pictures turned out great, and I am still stuck with the picture of Blake from almost a year ago on my wall. What More Could I Do?


Anonymous said...

Kids can be like that, I suggest letting his mom take him next time.

Lori said...

J.J. Thanks for stopping by. Just interested, how did you find my blog? Yeah, I know. Thing is...he is like that with his mom sometimes even. I was trying to get it done because *I* wanted the picture.