Wednesday, May 20

My Story about Story, Indiana

Our second day started out well, we stopped into the visitor center and met Jim, here with Donna. Jim told us all we wanted to know about directions and some highlights of the town. Donna's brother suggested we take a drive out to Story (that's the name of a town). So we did, this is what we came across on our journey...

A lonely road sign telling us we had arrived

Most of the homes looked like this, pretty sad on a brighter note, we did see some nice ones but they were rare.

This is the bed and breakfast of Story. We were mostly there to check it out, per Gregg, her brother. We had no plans to check in we just wanted to see what was in Story.

We were going to go in to "just get a coke" but to secretively check it out. Years ago Gregg had been there and said there were lots of antique items and such and we were on a mission to see what was in this 'ol shack". I talked Donna into sharing some biscuits and gravy so we could kill some time and even tho neither of us were hungry, they were pretty good. Then, it was suggested we go upstairs and we could go in any rooms that were open, so we did.

One of the artifacts on display was a wage sheet, so I wanted to share with you what some occupations made back then/per YEAR.

There is a "Blue Lady" room and they say that she stays in her suite, we didn't see her until....

Until, perhaps just maybe do you this is her orb right next to ME!!!

This sign was probably one of the MOST EXPENSIVE structures in the whole town.

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