Friday, May 1

Happy Birthday to my Dear Husband

Today is Sam's birthday, he wanted steak and a baked potatoe for dinner, HOME COOKED, but I got saved, our daughter (and her family) are taking him out to dinner, and I get to go too:-) I thought it would be fun to post just SOME of the things I LOVE about him so here they are, for the whole world to see!!!!

  • He treats me nice.
  • He tries to get me anything I want or need when I am sick.
  • He takes me out to dinner anytime I don't want to cook and then some.
  • He takes me to fun places like Florida, San Diego, Niagara Falls and of course to see Panda bears.
  • He doesn't even mind sleeping with them (panda bears) all over our bedroom.
  • I know what makes me happy makes him happy.
  • If I ask him what he wants for dinner he replies with "something simple" Yahoo!
  • He even eats left overs, even if it's the same thing we had the night before, (I try not to do that too often).
  • He ALWAYS let's me head off to my sisters or away with a friend for a few days. Yeah, he misses me, but it's not like I won't be back in a couple of days.
  • He works hard and is very dedicated to his career.
  • He even let's me hold and operate the remote control!
  • He does all the driving when we go on a car trip. (Often I will offer).
  • He is a great grandpa too, he just loves our grand kids and they feel the same way about him.

Happy you-know-what birthday!!

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