Friday, May 22


We all have them, yano, their the type that are so kind they will plow your driveway in the winter, mow your lawn for you when your on vacation, say hi to you every time we're outside, feed you when hurricane Ike made a horrendous visit and took away our power for 89 hrs, they keep an extra eye on the place when your out of town, and the list goes on and on...BUT there is one thing I can't stand about my neighbor, it's the SPOT that he parks his black truck or their Jeep. I just don't have any nice words to say about this to them so I keep my mouth SHUT. It sure makes it tough to get backed into the driveway or even pull out. As you can plainly see there is plenty of room to park forward or backward but WHY RIGHT SMACK at the END of OUR drivway!!! Any advice?

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2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

i dont have any advice, maybe just ask kindly if they could pull up some more when they park