Sunday, May 24

Other Fun Pictures (Nashville)

Here we are at the visitor center
These little ones didn't go to Nashville but they wanted to show off their new shirts.

This was my a very yummy "pot pie" It was more like a thick chicken soup and the pastry on top was a chicken or is that a rooster? Anyway, it was very delish. We each had one for dinner the second night.

Here I am out shopping and showing off my I mean Blakes biker shirt I picked out for him.

This little stone house was on the property of the Sock Factory. There is no more info on it but it was quite unique. If you click on the picture and make it go far right you can compare it to the orange cones next to it. (for size)


2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

Wow that chicken pot pie looks soooo good. And i think its a rooster on top. haha

Have you been having trouble loading my page, or just today only? I wonder if anyone else is having problems? Maybe i have too much junk on my page

Lori said...

Look in YOUR email box for details.