Sunday, May 24

For Bare Feet (Nashville)

Another one of the fun places we went to while on our girls get away was to the sock factory called For Bare Feet. It was really neat to see all the different designs they put on socks. They make nearly ALL the socks for the Major League teams. The ball players wear a pair of socks JUST ONCE! Seems like a waste to me. But they only make orders of 31 pair at a time, that means just 72 socks per order! They kept stressing it and so we had a lot of fun with that through out the tour, "not 32, just 31".

This is the sock store in the factory
Here is our tour guide showing us the old fashion way to make socks with a hand crank!

A better shot of the antique sock machine, that still works, just really slow.

Look at all the spools of thread and machines.

These racks and boxes are filled with various socks, if you can think of it they had them. They had socks that said "left sock, right sock" music notes, crabs, "grandma" little chicks, and even panda bear socks. Guess what I chose for my free pair? I hope you said pandas.

This is the ironing machine, she puts the socks on while it goes around and then they get ironed. She gets paid by the dozen so she works fast.

At the top of this picture you can see how the sock gets pulled off the ironing "board" and is ready to come down the conveyor belt.

This person is putting 2 socks together so they can get tagged together. What I didn't tell or show you is that before all the ironing and tagging they wash the brand spanking new socks and of course dry them. Then they are inspected for flaws first.
Pretty neat. I hope you enjoyed your little sock tour.

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