Monday, May 18

Not ME Monday

This is my first attempt at linking back to another persons blog, so I hope it works, it looked fun and I wanted to give it whirl.Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
So, seeing as many of you have never heard of this, it’s basically where you confess things you’ve done the last week, except you make it sound like you didn’t do it. Get it? let’s continue.

On Saturday when we woke up and heard a commercial for pancakes, nope, I didn't mention to my wonderful husband how much I loved the banana pecan pancakes I had last weekend while we were in Gatliburg, TN at the IHOP there, na, why would I do that after all it was a week ago. I didn't even suggest to the waitress on Saturday that I'd like the butterscotch banana granola pancakes with caramel topping but with out the butterscotch and while your at it forget the carmel topping, and it'll be perfect. Come on, I mean why wouldn't I just order banana pancakes with some pecans? Why, you ask, I'll tell you why....because that sounds way too easy.

There are more but let's see if this is going to work before I go into more detail.
That is soooo extremely amazing, what is so amazing you may be wondering let me tell you...
What is so exciting here is that...
I DID NOT just make my first link back to another blog, nope, I didn't just spend over 40 minutes trying to figure out how to make this work, not me:-)

ALSO, since that did not work, I have something else that did not happen to me:

After I didn't' eat those awesome banana pecan pancakes with pecan syrup, and was on my way back home my husband sitting next to and driving me didn't hear me JUST call my friend to let her know I was going to be ready to go shopping anytime after 15 minutes. Then out of blue sky my super sweet husband did NOT drive right onto a car dealership after he heard me tell her I"d be right home and suggest I look at the Subaru Tribeca that was NOT sitting right out front on the lot calling his attention to. No he didn't! After all, why would he do something so stupid, I mean off the wall? Didn't he JUST hear me tell Monica I'd be home and ready very soon?

It know it was a dream that I was reliving that happened last weekend on our way to and fro Gatlinburg, TN, In REAL LIFE he didn't ask what I thought about us getting a new car for me, and being in love with my current Subaru Outback I sure didn't say: okay, are you for real?

Naturally,I didn't make a list of things that I wanted in it and the model of cars (SUV's)we were passing on the road that I thought looked like I would like to test drive, because this was all make believe. Besides, that would require making a list and being prepared, I mean when you want a new car why research it, isn't it best to just drive onto a lot and wing it all the way and just see what you got when you get home in the driveway....YEAH;-)

I never heard of a Tribeca, why would it be on the list, the list that didn't exist of important wants,needs and models. The Tribeca didn't have what I wanted. It wasn't up high, it was small, cramped and of course had cloth seats, I had to have heated seats too, naturally. Of course I had to drive the Subaru Outback with heated seats and then the 3 of us didn't just spend another 15 minutes checking out all the bells and whistles, I mean the roomy,heated cloth seats,steering wheel control Forester. We didn't load into it, buckle up and of course nobody heard me say let's get outta here, I hate it! Now why would I waste every ones time like that and then decide we had to bail only because I just couldn't take it any longer in that small space. Besides,after looking at the top of the line,(Tribeca) who would want a Forester. NOT I! We bailed out of the Forester as soon as everyone got buckled up.

So, after reaching a "DEAL" we didn't take the Tribeca for one last drive home to pick up the check book, and my sweet husband knows he didn't hear me say: Hey, I don't remember where the heated seat switch is! No, not I,... ME, forget something that important? I did NOT hear my honey tell me, "Sweetie,this does not have heated seats". Of course my ears would not hear that because I wanted heated seats and I made that very clear to him and the salesman (Brian). Yip, sure enough we didn't just buy a Subaru Tribeca that sits in our driveway and has no heated seats. It's all pretend, just a bad, scary dream about no heated seats, because I didn't just look out the window and see a big shiny, new Tribeca out there.

Now when he comes home he can back it into the garage for me and I can go back out tomorrow and he can put it away for me the next day and the same thing on and on.

NOTE: EVERYTHING else on my REAL list is in that SUV. I am afraid to back into the garage with the extra vehicle in the driveway and till we sell it this will be the routine. My poor husband! Thank you for reading my story and I'd love to hear what you did not do this past week.

One more small thing I did not do is spend well over 2 hours witting and rewriting this Tribeca story.


Jennifer said...

Good 4 U Mom! It just takes time working through things to get them work for you.

Lori said...

Thanks your a great encourager!

Anonymous said...

I hope you love your new Tribeca.

Lori said...

Thank you for the comment. I already do love it! It's amazing only thing could be better is heated seats in November. Which we are looking into having installed.