Wednesday, April 1

What A RELIEF!!!

And I'm not talking about R-O-L-A-I-D-S (remember that commercial "how do you spell relief: ROLAIDS") ok, nuf being silly.
Today, I spent a while on the phone I had to call several billing departments because back on Dec 24 I had a procedure, had to go back and have a biopsy (I'm fine) more bills due to testing the biopsy and then the insurance denied it cause they said I had other insurance that needed billed FIRST but I really didn't. We're thinking it was the option to use cobra when Sam quit his job he held in Lafayette back in '07, we never made a payment for the insurance and naturally we never used it.

ALOT of phone calls and aggravation to get the insurance to bill the right insurance company, man what a hassle, let me tell you, I've been working on this since February. I don't mind paying my bills when they come due, as long as I am responsible for them; and I didn't feel I was this time so today I figured enough time had passed and so I was checking thru several of them with phone calls and the news is: I DON'T owe anything. NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO and that makes me happy! We would have had to pay $560+ $180+$62 =$802.00 that we get to KEEP!

Thank you God for what I used to call LOUSY insurance.

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