Tuesday, March 31

6 LONG Weeks

Here is Sam carrying his 20 pound computer bag. Today marked his 6 weeks and now he can lift and carry away anything he wants, yippee, he can even carry the dog up the stairs at night now. She's too spoiled, let me tell ya!


Anonymous said...

Now Lori gets to make me do all the lifting she doesn't want to do... like the dog to bed... Lilah isn't all that heavy though so not a big deal.

I figure I'll need to slowly get back to lifting so I don't end up with another problem...

Veronica said...

Hi Lori,

Got your comment this morning and had to come to your blog and say hi. That is so exciting that you saw someone wearing one of my hats!

I got a chance to check out your blog for a little while this morning. You are so funny! I love your sense of humor and also your posts on the good deals you find. The post where you talk about the things that make you unique...I love the one the most.

I'm also a bit fan of McDonald's sweet tea!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog. Feel free to leave a comment anytime. I love how on the header of your blog, you mention feeling free to leave a comment. I feel exactly the same way. It's always nice to know who's been by to visit.

Talk to you later!


Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate comments.